QTK-Pop MV Summary #6: Line Chat Ft. Big Bang, BG9, Playback, BtoB and more!

“You dreamt of goats, gassy showers and chasing after golf carts???”

“My nightmare is eating beans for 280 days straight!!!”

“Nawww my nightmare is getting my hair cut off in my sleep.”

Can you guess who said what? Find out in our weekly Line Chat about this weeks K-Pop MV’s!!!

Here’s week 5 of our MV Summaries Chat. Enjoy!


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Top 10 performances of K-Pop Star 4…so far

It’s that time of year again, no I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about K-Pop Star. I know it’s been a while since season 4 started, but with the Top 10 decided a few nights ago I figured it’s time to talk about it.

***Warning: There will be spoilers***

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K-Pop Star 3: Group Rounds Episodes 7-9

Hey guys, I’m back!  This round of K-Pop Star featured the infamous group rounds which created Season 1’s SuPearls and Season 2’s Raccoon Boys.  Although there weren’t a lot of standouts this year, I found that these groups really pushed individual singers into the spotlight.

Group rounds started in episode 6 and started with a group showcase.  After the group showcase the real competition started and judges began to eliminate contestants.  The show pinned two groups against each other and at least one person in the losing group was to be eliminated.  Which by the way is the  stupidest rule in world!


Here are my top performances in no particular order.  Enjoy!

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K-Pop Star 3: Round 1 Episodes 1-3

Hey guys! Q is back and I’m here to bring you guys new recaps of a new television show: K-pop Star 3!  K-pop Star 3 is one of my favorite audition shows and I’m extremely excited to be writing about this.  How this is going to work is that I’m going to recap each round and then when the live shows hit, I will recap each episode. For this recap, I watched episodes 1-3 and picked out my favorite performances.  The contestants on the episodes did a great job, but these are the particular ones that stayed on my mind after a few weeks.


Without further ado, here are my top performances in round 1, in no particular order.

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