Descendants of the Sun Podcast // A Review

Hi guys! So right now we’re basically experimenting with different things, stuff we’ve wanted to try and do with this blog and our YouTube channel. One of the things is a podcast. We like to talk and we talk a lot, haha!

Our first ever podcast is about the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”. We discuss what we liked about the drama, our favorite characters and scenes, whether we would be a doctor or a soldier, etc.

If you’re bored, on the road, or a fan of the drama, check it out!

If you want the YouTube version, click on to see the video Read More

QT GT: Ideal Type World Cup Hot Korean Actors

This has to be one of my favorite games that I had to prepare for. My heart was racing the entire video even though I wasn’t the one deciding. If you’re confused, T had the privilege to choose her top Korean actor based on looks alone. Shallow. I know. But nevertheless it was fun!

Who is your favorite Korean actor? Let us know!