QT Party: Test Tubes of K-pop Awesomeness!

We’re back with a new segment, QT Party!

This segment includes lots of easy DIY things, K-pop inspired. Our very first QT Party is test tubes of K-pop aswsomeness which includes:

test tubes, letter beads, paper, glitter, water, thread and thin ribbons.


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K-Pop Vine Spam!

The other day, T decides to message me, or more like spam me with vines. Coincidentally, all of them were EXO vines. Vines like this one:

Here I am this week to share T’s spam vine messages with you all. Click on to see what she sent me Read More

QT’s K-Pop Playlist: Sappy Sad Songs Edition 2

Fall, a time for sweaters, pretty leaves, seasonal drinks and heart-wrenching ballad songs. There’s no better way to celebrate the coming of fall than to listen to some Korean ballads and cry our eyes out. We all know that Korean ballads have a way of really reaching the heart and make us feel ALL the feels.


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