K-Pop Vine Spam!

The other day, T decides to message me, or more like spam me with vines. Coincidentally, all of them were EXO vines. Vines like this one:

Here I am this week to share T’s spam vine messages with you all. Click on to see what she sent me

Chen sexily lip syncing to “Playboy”.

“I couldn’t stop watching this!!” – T

And then I got a series of Kai Laughing at Everything.

I got a little Kaisoo action.

But then it turned into Chen and Kai vs. D.O.

Some more hitting and kicking and slapping.

I have no idea how it matched so well, but I LOVE IT!

Baek Hyun, the fast-walking champion.

EXO, clearly NOT foot volleyball pros.

And now I shall end it on an awkward note, lol. (minus Chanyeol)

Well there you have it! Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out our own Vine account, QT K-Pop. We have fun stuff like this:

and this:

Thanks, Q.

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