K-Pop Star 6 Episodes 5 and 6

This year, the younger contestants are giving the older contestants a run for their money. Literally. JYP wondered how much value was on the stage when all the younger contestants were on there together.


I think one of my favorite things ever about K-Pop Star is when the judges try to appeal to a contestant and then they end up bickering with each other. Its usually JYP and YG at first, but then Yoo Hee Yeol makes a witty attempt to try and recruit a person as well. Its hilarious.

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K-Pop Star 6 Episode 4

I feel like JYP’s favorite piece of advice is to tell people to relax your shoulders.  Random. Sorry. Anyways, K-Pop Star 6 must really want to produce a group similar to i.o.i because this episode was very girl group heavy.

It’s the ranking round.  If you’re not familiar, the ranking round groups contestants by style or age and the judges rank them.  Everybody can make it through or just one person can make it through.


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