unTouchable Ch 59 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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What’s Jiho’s reaction to SiA’s confession!

Last time Sihwan just arrived to the club and spotted Jiho being carried off by the girl that was being mistaken as SiA. But then  bumped into the actual SiA when she was coming out of the restroom. Confused he asked her why she wasn’t with Jiho because he just saw her carrying him off.

SiA worried, ran to him as fast as she could passing Baryu without a second thought. When she finally got to him the other girl has already unbutton his shirt and tasting him again. SiA told her not to touch him and that he belong to her but the girl said that they can share him. Which made her angry even more warning the girl that she is the only one who can touch him. The girl ran away scared and in rage.

SiA asked if Jiho was ok and why he was there. To her replied; to see her,  asked why she was avoiding him, if she was tired of him and what he meant to her. She was confused to his questions but finally realized that her actions so far were stupid and apologized to him and told him…

She likes him.

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6 Guilty Pleasure Male Singers I Want on Masked Singer

Hi everyone! Q here and I know I’ve been pretty MIA these past few weeks, with Ramadan and all, it’s been physically draining but awesome nonetheless. To make up for my lack of posts, I’ve decided to do a guilty pleasure post on singers I want to see on Masked Singer.

ummm happy friday from xiumin

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