K-Pop Star 3: Finale! Episode 21

We are finally at the end of the road.  Usually I would have a good guess on who would win, but this season it could have either gone to Bernard Park or Sam Kim.


In this post, I’ll do a super short recap and then I’ll give you guys my final comments and opinions on the whole season. Read More

QT’s Marry, Hug & Kill: Cougar Edition-BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Hey everyone this weeks Marry, Hug & Kill would be with BTS also known as Bangtan Boys.

For those who read BTS “Skool Luv Affair” album review, knows that I don’t really know the boys that well and I still don’t. Shouldn’t this be interesting? hehe

We were having an issue of who to figure in this weeks Marry, Hug & Kill because majority of the current active groups are younger than us. So we figured might as well have fun with this and have a cougar edition. It’ll be in your surprise how great of cougars we are! ;3



K-Pop Star 3: Live Broadcast Episode 19

We’re down to our top 4 and going into the semi-final where only 3 contestants can make it through.  I have to say, this episode was almost gosh darn a perfect episode.  Before the episode started, the contestants visited JYP’s house where he fed them, dissed the other judges and gave them “special” teachers.  As it was JYP week, he told them which singers to really listen to and learn from them.


Here we go!!!
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