Team K-Pop, Tiffany, and Lee Joon’s Instagram // Tea Time with T

Tea time a T.  A time where we talk about random k-pop stuff (this video in particular happened a month ago).  If you want to hear some interesting opinions about this stuff, hit play!


QT K-Pop MV Summary #5: Line Chat Ft. BTS, Sistar, Kim Tae Woo and more!!

Now that it is ramadan it is a bit harder to meet up and film our spoofaries so we decided to start something new. We will now start and continue doing our summaries through Line Chat app while ramadan continues and when Q goes off to Indonesia later this summer.

“…I would like to wake up in heaven to pool boys in a dry cleaner waiting to do my every bidding…”

Here’s week 5 of our MV Summaries Chat. Enjoy!

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