GIFS GALORE: EXO ” Call Me Baby” Music Core Comeback

I was watching their comeback performance and I just thought that it was really good, good enough for me to GIF it up, lol.


You like that one? Well read on for more wonderful GIFS



^ This GIF is dedicated to me (and all the other Chen fans out there, lol)


^And this GIF is dedicated to T. Love ya ❤





Chen: Excuuuuseee Meeee~ the REAL Dancing Machine’s coming through.



Body rolls galore!

I hope you guys enjoyed that. Also, we have a reaction video to EXO’s teaser coming up hopefully in the next week so look forward to it.

If you want to watch the performance, here it is. It’s so good, they sing it super live and are just awesome. Just a heads up, listen at 3:08 and around that time, eargasms, haha!

Thanks, Q.

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