Rant Time: EXO’s Tao (potentially?) Leaving the Group

And cue extreme sad face. If you haven’t heard yet, EXO member, Tao, could be potentially leaving the group after his father posted a heartfelt letter saying that he would like his son to leave the group after multiple injuries. A day or so later, his father was interviewed by Chinese media and told them that Tao had also agreed to leave.


Now, if you don’t know yet, I (Q) am a pretty big fan of EXO. Truth be told, I’m still recovering from Kris and Luhan and so with the rumors of Tao leaving, I was in shock but not really. I guess you could say I was a little prepared, but I wish that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, my love for EXO and my concern for Tao clashed so many times in my head that I had a migraine for a whole day.

Here are some examples of what my mind went through (in no particular order):

  • WHY?

  • Not again.
  • Can’t you stay~~~
  • But his dad seemed so sincere and really wanted his son out of the group.
  • What about the other members? Have they talked yet?
  • What does Tao really want? What does Tao have to say?
  • *Goes on Tumblr to see what’s going on in the EXO tag*
  • Pretty much the same thing I’m thinking, a lot of unsure fans
  • Tao’s dad is selfish.
  • No, Tao’s dad loves him and just wants him to be healthy.
  • Where the eff is Tao?
  • His actor friend seems so shady to me. He says he didn’t know, but then says he did. Umm, make up your mind please or just don’t say nothing at all.
  • *looking at pictures of Nature Republic fan meeting* aww, they look so happy but in a sad kind of way.
  • *constantly refreshing Twitter feed*
  • Read a comment about how fans who say that Tao should stay are disgusting and don’t deserve to live.Like, a little harsh much.
  • *looked at pictures of Tao’s injuries* not very pretty, Tao just needs a super long break.
  • *epiphany moment* Why doesn’t Tao pull a Super Junior Kim Kibum? You know, just kind of leave for a while to do his own thing but still carry the EXO name, giving me hope.
  • I’m pretty selfish.
  • Or he could do an Andy for Shinhwa, who also left the group for a while, and come back. Andy definitely came back after a year, AND it was when Shinhwa was still with SM.
  • Tao, say something please~

So yeah, ladies and gentleman, my mind. I had a lot more thoughts, but I thought I’d save ya’ll all the trouble and sadness. In all seriousness, whatever Tao decides to do it’s his choice and we’ll just have to deal with it. I just wish Tao would come out and say something, not his dad or SM, but Tao. I think that’s what is most frustrating about this whole ordeal is the ambiguity of the situation. Is he leaving or not? Or I guess, is he OFFICIALLY leaving or not? For me, I’m not going to believe it until I hear it from Tao himself.

This post is a little depressing, but, hey, check out this post if you want to see stuff like this:


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Or if you want to watch us eat some Korean snacks and suffer, watch this:


Thanks, Q.

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