QT K-Pop MV Spoofary #3 ft. Kara, Seulong, Jay Park and More!

“So, I’m going to make a new fashion statement. What do you think?”

Here’s week 3 of our MV Summaries. Enjoy!


Videos include:
Jay Park “Mommae”
Seulong “Tell Me”
Kara “Cupid”
Yankie ft. Tablo, Zion.T, Loco “Sold Out”
UNIQ “Luv Again”
CLC “Like”
JJY Band “OMG”


Let us know what was your favorite spoof!


King of Masked Singer Episode 8 Mini-Recap

Hi everyone! It’s second round time! I felt so many emotions during this episode. One moment I was really, really sad and the next I just wanted to kick someone’s butt for hurting my heart. Although, this has never really happened to me, I hope it does one day. I’ve always wanted to try and get revenge.


I’m going to spoil it a little of the episode for you guys right off the bat…we find out who Jingle Jingle Lark is, and it’s someone who’s been mentioned in a previous episode (great clue,eh? lol) Read More

QT K-Pop Spoofary #2 ft. BoA, Monsta X, SHINee, and More!

Just tell me, my valentine. Trespass and kiss my lips  and eat the view. If you don’t, I might just die.

We’re back again with another week’s worth of k-pop music videos!



This week’s edition features:

BoA “Kiss My Lips”
MyName “Just Tell Me”
Monsta X “Trespass”
Jung Yup “My Valentine”
Zion.T “Eat”
SHINee “View”
History “Might Just Die”

Comment on what your favorite part was!


unTouchable Ch 41-45 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.


We last left our stupid couple reflecting on what has happened so far. Jiho realized he might have asked the impossible of not being in a physical relationship when he was at a park alone surrounded by couples who were being lovey dovey. SiA had realized that Jiho didn’t ask for a non-physical relationship forever, but just until he got used to touching her. They ended up meeting up and apologizing to each other and before she became over dramatic he took her hand! But he was wearing GLOVES.

While that was happening Baryu and Sihwan was driving past them and happened to see SiA and Jiho holding hands and SiA was in bliss. The next day Jiho over heard two girls gossiping about Jiho and Baryu and he started to get suspicious of their relationship too.

Baryu, hating how SiA was swooning over Jiho, started to plan out ways to get in between them. He “accidentally” went to Jiho’s apartment one night saying he thought it was SiA and Jiho first handed saw how close they were. While with SiA he was still acting like this love sick, clingy boy but now he is asking questions about her relationship with Jiho. He got her to admit that she’s not in a serious relationship with Jiho, that he’s just a food source and that she’ll never become serious about a human.

While that was happening Jiho was at home searching about the rumors of SIA and Baryu and he got super jealous! The next day he asked SiA about her relationship with Baryu and she admitted that they were childhood friends and that she can’t do without him in her life. With that said Jiho couldn’t complain or demand anything about their relationship.

Baryu still trying to get in between their relationship and has been visiting SiA at her apartment everyday. Jiho caught him while SiA was at work bu then Baryu dragged Jiho out to the bar so they can “hangout” and warned him that SiA isn’t serious about him and she will never be serious about him. Jiho tells him to butt out and that it’s up to them to call what their relationship is. We left off where Jiho is telling SiA he’ll go see Moran and to change her lock pad password.

Ch 41.

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King of Masked Singer Episode 7 Mini-Recap

Hi! I’ve decided that I’m going to try and do mini-recaps of King of Masked singer. I’m absolutely loving the show so far but I was a little hesitant to recap because, well, my Korean isn’t in tip-top shape and they talk…a lot. But I’m going to try my best and give you guys all that I know and my opinions (which tend to be fluffy, just a heads up, lol).


Here we go! Read More

My Top 5 performances of King of Masked Singer…so far

With King of Masked Singer (KMS) having already aired 6 episodes, we, the audience, have enjoyed numerous amounts of surprising performances. I’m enjoying every single thing about this show, from the masks to the song choices, even the celebrities they have on their panel.



Having said that, here are my top 5 performances from the show…so far

**Spoilers Ahead***
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QT K-pop MV Spoofary #1 ft. Beast, BoA, BTS, and More!

Excuse me, who are you. I’m good, nice to meet you. I’m into you, I need U, you’re ma first love. I can’t kontrol myself let’s go on a sex trip.

Where we spoof/parody important/random parts of a music video. Enjoy!


This week’s edition includes music videos from:

Jay Park “Sex Trip”
Hyosung “Into You”
Bestie “Excuse Me”
Hyunseung “Ma First”
BoA “Who are you”
Elsie aka Eunjung “I’m Good”
BTS “I need U”
Kim Sung Kyu “Kontrol”

Comment on what was you’re favorite part of the music video (ours or theirs)!

unTouchable Ch 36-40 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.


We last left off finding out the name of Baryu and Sihwan’s groups and it’s “O’RNIJ”, which I still don’t understand. SiA came back home from Italy and got a call from Jiho freaking out about where she’s been and what happened to her phone. They ran into each other and he realized he wants her to be with him forever!

Baryu seeing the whole thing happen, wanted to ask SiA if she’s dating Jiho seriously. Which she replied that she was only dating him so she can eat his energy as much as she can. But Jiho, still a germaphobe, told SiA not to touch him because he’s not used to it.

After being told that, SiA started to act like a creep and touched him anyways which made Jiho uncomfortable and told her he doesn’t think a relationship really needs physical contact to work. But she still doesn’t give up, asks Baryu for advise on how to get guys to touch her, which he said to get wet and become naked. She did just that and went to Jiho’s place with just a baggy shirt and shorts with dripping hair, which didn’t effect him at all.

SiA’s last resort was to take her shirt off half way, then Jiho said he was trying to get to know her better through the magazines she’s been in while she hasn’t made any effort at all to get to know him. Seeing what she was doing he asked her to leave. SiA tried to stay, said she “hasn’t done anything yet” made him ask her what she was trying to do and if that was the only reason why she wanted to date him.

The next day SiA still felt offended, not understanding why Jiho was hurt, was being ignored by him. Her manager told her that in a relationship you have to be considerate of the other person’s feelings which she hasn’t been at all. She tried to go apologize to him but because she still didn’t understand why she was apologizing he got even more upset. He told her it’s been difficult for him to hangout or even talk to her but he still tries. But she doesn’t try to do anything for him which made him tell her that he was probably easy for her.

Ch 36.

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