Top 3 Standouts from JYP Girl Group Survival Show Sixteen

Not going to lie, trainee survival shows are pretty fun to watch. I’ve seen pretty much all the survival shows, some I’ve liked and some I’ve completely hated. When I heard that JYP was creating a show, I thought, “Okay, definitely not JYP style but let’s see what they’ve got”.


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Mung~ Reactions: Jay Park “Lack of Abs” Trip

Hi! We’re back with another Mung~ Reaction. When we heard that Jay Park’s music video “Sex Trip” was released, it was like a no-brainer to do a reaction to it. Maybe it could take the “mung” out of our reactions 😉

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unTouchable Ch 31-35 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.


We last left them with Jiho acting like a stalker. After going out drinking with SiA, Jiho was too embarrassed to face her because he has no memory of what happened. So every time he bumps into her, he would hide. He tried to go apologize to her but he couldn’t bring himself to ring the door bell. But then SiA caught him in the act and told him not to worry about it because he gave her something precious.

SiA tried to get in contact with Jiho’s mom but she wouldn’t reply to her email. Moran asked her why she is going so far just so she can touch him again. SiA described his energy as something pure and warm. Jiho’s mom finally replied back to her and so she planned another date with Jiho so he could meet his mom.

But once Jiho saw his mom, he panicked and ran away. After thinking about it more he returned back to the cafe to talk to his mom. SiA was asked to leave them to talk and she did. His mom told him that she didn’t abandon him but rather she just ran away from the problem of being lonely and was afraid she would direct her frustration to him. She told him she wasn’t planning to meet him but then after talking to SiA she realized she was still running away from him.

Jiho met up with SiA at the park near the cafe and he thanked her for interfering with his life. If she didn’t then he would never have met his mom again. SiA heart was racing because of his smile but she completely ignored it and grabbed onto his arm. He then freaked out and pulled away. She was confused on why he wasn’t cured and he told her it’s not that simple and it’s now a habit that won’t go away that simply. She then panicked and told him she’s not returning the book after all.

Jiho thought that SiA was taking his book hostage again and tried to get into contact with her but she wasn’t picking up any calls or returning any calls or texts. A couple of days has passed and still nothing; he starts to feel lonely and miss her. During all this time SiA was actually in Italy for her photo shoot audition and lost her phone.

Ch 31.

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6 Singers Who Should Be On King of Mask Singer

MBC has this new show called King of Mask Singer/Mask Singer in which they feature singers (obvi) who are masked as they sing their hearts out for the votes of the audience and the celebrity panel. The show premiered as a Lunar New Year special, which then got a regular television time slot on Sundays featuring professional singers and non-professional singers alike.

mask king

The show has boasted a lot of singers including, the first winner, EXID’s Solji, B1A4’s Sandeul, 2AM’s Changmin, FT Island’s Hongki, actor Hyun Woo, and much more. To my surprise, every single person who has appeared on the show has proven to really have a passion for singing. This show has especially helped idols because it does take away their “face”, so all we can judge them by is their voice.

With all the random people who has appeared on the show, here are some singers I think should appear on the show, do really well, and surprise everyone Read More