K-Pop Star 5 Episode 18

We pick up with Woo Ye Rin vs Jung Jin Woo. If you want to know what happened in the previous episode, check it out here!

ep 18

Woo Ye Rin vs Jung Jin Woo

Uggghh! Woo Ye Rin. She’s so good! I immediately got goosebumps. And what’s great about her is that she shows something new every week. And I really liked the arrangement of the song. It wasn’t awkward and it flowed really well. I liked the phone thing at the beginning. JYP pointed out that it was a little awkward, but it was okay because she has potential. I agree, there is a charm to her that I like and can’t wait to hear more.

Jung Jin Woo, my bae. He performed a self-composed song called “No Fairy Tales”. The concept was cute and his voice is good as always. But I feel like it’s one of those songs where I have to take a few listens and then I’ll be humming it all the time. YG said that it sounded similar to all his other stuff, which I have to agree. It was good. I don’t know if it’ll be enough to take him to the next level. I think he’s just ready to sign to an agency and learn from more producers. I feel like he needs to clean up some of his compositions and it’ll be great.

Woo Ye Rin makes it to the top 6 while Jung Jin Woo will fight for his place in the top 6.

Yoo Jay vs Park Min Ji

Yoo Jay sang Kim Jo Han’s “I Want to Fall in Love”. For those of you guys who don’t know, it’s the song that last season’s Jung Seung Hwan sang and everyone fell in love with him. Typically, Yoo Jay’s big parts come with the chorus and at the end. In my opinion, for this song the beginning part and the second verse were my favorites. She sang it so gently. She comments on how she wasn’t focused and I can see that. I personally could never be a singer because my focus is all over the place.

Have you ever wondered what a competition would be like if everyone was in top condition and nobody had throat problems or caught colds? I feel like the competition would be so much more intense and really judged based on talent. It sucks when a really good, talented singer can’t perform well because she’s not in good condition. I kind of feel bad for Park Min Ji. The first few beats of the song (Girlfriend’s “Rough”), I was really excited. But then her voice…yeah. JYP said something about having confidence. I think if she focused more on confidence, the performance would have been a lot better. This round is going to be a hard decision.

Yoo Jay wins the round 2 to 1. I feel bad for Park Min Ji, now she has to sing again in her condition 😦

Now the bottom four will have the chance to sing again to fight for the remaining two spots. The audience will then vote on their favorite performer.

Lee Soo Jung goes first and she sings Zion.T’s “Eat”. One of my favorite songs ever and she sang it really well. YG says she should have sang that song first, lol. SN: Does anybody else think that Jung Jin Woo gave her that suggestion?

Lee Si Eun is just beautiful. Everything, beautiful.

Park Min Ji did a pretty good job. In the beginning, you could see she was nervous but then when she started to sing the high parts I feel like she was like, “Eff this! I’m just going to sing. I don’t care if it doesn’t sound good”.

Jung Jin Woo got a little sick before his performance but came back and sang his heart out. I love his voice. Give this song a second listen. It’s a lot better the second time around. 

Unfortunately, my bae, Jung Jin Woo and Park Min Ji were eliminated.

All I gotta say is please Antenna, sign Jung Jin Woo. I’ll be back soon with episodes 19 and 20, hopefully before the finale. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out some of our videos!

Thanks, Q.

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