K-Pop Star 6 Episode 9

Sorry, guys. I skipped episodes 7-8 for a few reasons.

  1. I was procrastinating on the episodes.
  2. When I finally watched the episodes, the group rounds seemed a little dull to me.
  3. Because of that, I didn’t have the motivation to finish writing the post.

I’m really sorry for my laziness (it’s one of the things I wriggled into my New Years resolutions).


But I’m back with episode 9 and it’s casting rounds! Find out who gets cast into which company and which contestants do they fight over (personally one of my favorite things about K-Pop Star). If you’re not sure what casting rounds are JYP, YG, and Antenna have the opportunity to choose 5 people to train. This year is a little different with the appearance of trainees so they each get 2 trainees. Antenna forfeited their trainee selection so now JYP and YG gets 3 trainees each. Read More

K-Pop Star 6 Episodes 5 and 6

This year, the younger contestants are giving the older contestants a run for their money. Literally. JYP wondered how much value was on the stage when all the younger contestants were on there together.


I think one of my favorite things ever about K-Pop Star is when the judges try to appeal to a contestant and then they end up bickering with each other. Its usually JYP and YG at first, but then Yoo Hee Yeol makes a witty attempt to try and recruit a person as well. Its hilarious.

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