K-Pop Star 3: Live Broadcast Episodes 17-18

Hey Guys!  I’m a little behind on these posts, but hopefully by next week I’ll be back on track where I’ll only recap 1 episode.  Anyways, enough about me, it’s finally the live broadcasts and boy did they deliver.  I had some doubts about this season, but after watching these 2 episodes all those doubts washed away.


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QT Marry, Hug & Kill: MBLAQ

Hey guys this weeks “Marry, Hug & Kill” will be MBLAQ.

With their pre-release single of “Our Relationship” this week and their album ” Broken” coming out next week, I thought it would be a great idea to do MBLAQ.

I hope you guys enjoy!

QT Playlist: Feel Good About Spring Arriving Edition

So with the arrival of spring, I decided to put a playlist together that just made me feel good and and ready for spring! I had this playlist ready, even though the weather in Ohio was still in the 30s.  I was ready for the warm weather to come.

As your jogging in 60 degree weather or just lounging around in your room in the sun, check out this playlist to make your day better, I promise!

Read on to find out why I picked these songs!

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K-Pop Star 3: Episodes 14-16

We’re back! Haha! We went on a brief vacation for spring break to get away from the freezing cold here in the Midwest, but we missed ya’ll so much that we decided to come back asap, lol.

I know the last post I did for K-Pop Star did cover episode 14, but I only covered half of it.


Alright!  Let’s get started!!

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K-Pop Star 3: Battle Auditions Episodes 12-14

Hey guys!  Sorry for the super late update, I’ve just been super busy.  No worries, I’m back with the Battle Auditions.  If you aren’t familiar with the Battle Auditions, this is when the contestants take the things they learned at YG, JYP and Antenna and put it to the test.  One person from each company compete against each other, first place is automatically placed in the Top 10 and last place is eliminated.  Second place gets a second chance to compete for the rest of the 5 spots.


There are some disappointing performances but a few standout ones that balance everything out.

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