T’s Talk of the Music Realm: MBLAQ

Hey my obsessors,

This weeks ear candy is MBLAQ with their new album “Broken.”


This album has seven songs including “Intro: Broken” and “Outro: Still with You.” I would say the genres would be pop, dance and ballad. The theme of this album is relationship problems/break ups and it’s just so heart wrenching but wonderful theme you can hear the boys pour their souls into their singing.

I definitely enjoyed the album but I already have a bias towards our guys because I have been following them since they debuted in 2009. I even watched them when they were in Idol Army, so I really like these boys. hehe

I would say my top songs would be oddly enough “Intro:Broken,” “Our Relationship,” and “12개월.” I love all the songs so I had such a hard time figuring out which ones I like the most. I say “oddly enough” for the “Intro:Broken” because it is an intro song, normally you wouldn’t  think of it as a normal song track and also it’s the same word or verse repeated but it’s still catchy!

“Our Relationship” catches my attention the most out of all the song. Even when sitting in a room with my cousin who hasn’t heard the album yet said she liked “Our Relationship” the most. And something about “12개월” just drawls me in to the song.

If you haven’t heard “Our Relationship” yet here you go.

And for those who haven’t seen the MV for “Be a Man” here you go.

I also did a “Marry, Hug and Kill” to MBLAQ, I hope you guys enjoy the video! :3

Tell us what you think!

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