unTouchable Ch 26-30 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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Last time we left off with SiA dropping off a goldfish for Jiho, which he ended up keeping. He was totally against it but he really did end up bonding with the goldfish.

SiA was trying to take Jiho to the sea for their next date with a huge outrageous plan just so she can touch him. He had a phone call with someone about going to his dads death anniversary and he agreed to go, obviously. But then he went through one of his episodes/flashbacks of what caused his trauma, which is a lady calling him a “dirty little boy” that caused him to snap at SiA of stopping the deal.

SiA, confused and flustered, didn’t understand why Jiho would want to cancel their deal and freaked out at him. Which made Jiho defensive and said he never asked or wanted her to fix him. SiA goes to the sea alone and reflected on what has happened so far. Jiho remembered more of the past and specifically of his dad apologizing to him. When it was time to feed the goldfish he saw that it has died. SiA found out that she passed the first round of the audition!

Jiho told SiA that the goldfish died and she took him out drinking to make him feel better. But lucky for her he is an extreme light weight and got drunk with one shot of soju. That was when we found out that his mom is a writer, who is the author of “Sad Harmonica,” his parents had a divorce, his dad remarried a much younger lady who verbally abused him as a child which is how he developed the phobia and his dad passed away. He finally admitted that he didn’t want to be the way he is. SiA took him back to his apartment and Jiho, half asleep, told her not to go.

SiA couldn’t stop herself and kissed Jiho while he was asleep! Jiho found himself on the couch and hungover. He noticed he had a text from SiA saying she “enjoyed last night,” which sounded so mischievous of her, and two pages of “Sad Harmonica.” She went to visit Moran again about Jiho. Moran asked her what will happen next when he is cured, that she has to start thinking about that. Baryu called SiA declaring his love for her again. And Jiho is now too embarrass to see SiA.

Ch 26.

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Rant Time: EXO’s Tao (potentially?) Leaving the Group

And cue extreme sad face. If you haven’t heard yet, EXO member, Tao, could be potentially leaving the group after his father posted a heartfelt letter saying that he would like his son to leave the group after multiple injuries. A day or so later, his father was interviewed by Chinese media and told them that Tao had also agreed to leave.


Now, if you don’t know yet, I (Q) am a pretty big fan of EXO. Truth be told, I’m still recovering from Kris and Luhan and so with the rumors of Tao leaving, I was in shock but not really. I guess you could say I was a little prepared, but I wish that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, my love for EXO and my concern for Tao clashed so many times in my head that I had a migraine for a whole day.

Here are some examples of what my mind went through (in no particular order):

  • WHY?

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unTouchable Ch 21-25 Reactions

And I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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Last week we left our lovely duo bumping into each other at the recycling area of their apartment complex. SiA feeling awkward and Jiho feeling remorse of what he said to her, but because he still wanted the remaining pages of his book he asked her about their next date. SiA saw the end results of the photo shoot and it was “too sexy” as Jiho called it when she gave him a copy.

Baryu and Sihwan found out that the mystery guy SiA brought to the photo shoot was her neighbor Jiho and also found out that he might also be “Chicken.” SiA’s sister, Moran, found out what SiA had been up to and told her that she’s crazy to go after a guy that’s not normal, but still willing to help her little sister out. Oh, and did I mention Moran is also a mind reader? (The coolest big sister, EVER!) Oh, and that strawberry milk will help you grow bigger boobs. (I’ll let you guys know if that’s true or not.)

So SiA brought Jiho to the zoo for their fourth date to help speed his cure along. But with booger eating giraffes, savage owls and hippos with exploding farts, for Jiho it was more like hell. She made him feed grass to Bambi which seemed fine at the time but then the big hungry deer was much faster in eating the grass than Bambi. She then forced him to feed rabbits but that wasn’t gonna happen after the deer so she dumped all the feed around them and then there were a stampede of rabbits towards him.

To get out of that situation Jiho touched SiA just to throw her out of his way when he was escaping. After escaping the rabbits he was then trapped with a crying kid clinging onto his leg for his mom. Not able to touch the kid, because of guilt, SiA couldn’t help him but went running to look for help to find the kids mom. Jiho felt sorry for the kid wasn’t able to console him.

Jiho asked SiA why it had to be him that she likes so much and she told him that he’s her treasure. We find out that the source of his trauma was a lady from his childhood who called him a “dirty little kid”. SiA started to wonder how his trauma even started and how she can start being his friend. She started by giving him a goldfish that was at the set of her photo shoot saying that keeping a pet is good for those who live alone.

Ch 21.

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unTouchable Ch 16-20 Reactions

And I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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Last week we left them at the park where they were resting for SiA. There Jiho told her that there was no way he could go out with her. But she’s not giving up and told him that she’ll be able to get rid of the problem. So after their first date, instead of returning the books to him like he expected, she only sent him the first page of the Sad Harmonica story, saying that she will only give him a page per date.

We then see SiA at her agency talking to her manager about her next audition, where she has a chance to work overseas for one of her favorite brands. It was a couples photo shoot and her manager was thinking of asking Baryu, but instead SiA asked JIho.

Arriving at the photo shoot Jiho refused to participate but SiA guilt tripped him saying if he doesn’t help it’ll ruin her career. She made a horrible promise to not touch him during the photo shoot and to keep his eyes close if he hated it so much. But obviously she hadn’t “eaten” in five days, so unconsciously touched him making him punch her in the face. He called her cheap (which I thought the same) and she agreed with him that she was called “the queen of flirt” and they left each other bitterly.

While SiA was reflecting in her apartment she realized she made a mistake, unexpectedly. Baryu and Sihwan came to visit. They called her out on who she brought for the male model at her photo shoot and the books she had at her place. She gave half-assed answers making them even more suspicious. Sihwan is not a vampire but instead the emergency battery for Baryu and in this case SiA.

With them being so loud Jiho texted SiA to be quiet but at the time she was in the bathroom and Baryu saw the text but the name was “Chicken.” Confused but suspicious he texted back with “Seasoned, Fried?” Which left Jiho extremely confused. SoA and Baryu ended up getting drunk and he showed her that Sihwan was ripped that his role in the group is the “fit man.” Sometime after the photo shoot SiA sent Jiho the second page of the Sad Harmonica.

We ended off with Baryu and Sihwan bumping into Jiho “the man next door” SiA was telling them about.

Ch 16. 

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unTouchable Ch 11-15 Reactions

And I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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Last time we left off with SiA finding out that Jiho is germaphobic, that was why he was cleaning anything she touched. SiA told Jiho the reason why she was being very stalker-ish because she fell in love with him. Which isn’t a lie entirely, just not the whole truth in why she wants to touch him so bad.

We also found out that Jiho has enough cleaning products that’ll last a normal person at least half a year and that he’ll make a perfect cleaning CF model. keke.

SiA found out from her sister, who is a psychologist, that being germaphobic isn’t curable unless the person is willing to change. Learning that SiA was still willing to try to help him become normal.

Jiho’s is actually a writer, we haven’t found out what and for who he writes for but I believe it’s for children books because of the books he ordered that was sent to SiA on accident. Which he went to ask for them back because they were no longer being published.

SiA only agreed to give back the books if Jiho would meet up with her once a week. And he agreed!! So for the date SiA got glamorous with her hair and makeup done and in a sexy red dress. They went to the movies and dinner but SiA was never able to get  Jiho to touch her, not even accidentally.

With her last attempt she fake tripped and sprained her ankle. Jiho, still unsympathetic, didn’t help her at all. But left us asking her if she wanted to go somewhere to rest.

Ch 11.

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