QT K-Pop MV Summary #5: Line Chat Ft. BTS, Sistar, Kim Tae Woo and more!!

Now that it is ramadan it is a bit harder to meet up and film our spoofaries so we decided to start something new. We will now start and continue doing our summaries through Line Chat app while ramadan continues and when Q goes off to Indonesia later this summer.

“…I would like to wake up in heaven to pool boys in a dry cleaner waiting to do my every bidding…”

Here’s week 5 of our MV Summaries Chat. Enjoy!

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King of Masked Singer Episodes 11 and 12 QUICK Mini-Recap

Hi everyone! I know this is coming out super late, but with Epik High and Ramadan starting, I’ve been a little behind. I finally got around to watching both episodes and to not make it really long, I’ve decided to just bullet point everything. Cause, ya know, who doesn’t like bullet points? Lol.


These episodes were so fun and groovy. Let’s get the party started!
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Epik Vlog So High in NYC: Super Tourists

It was finally Friday and we had most of the day planned out already. We headed out to NYC around 10 am, got there around 11:30, headed to Chinatown, then Little Italy and finally our Harbor Light Cruise with Circle Line Cruise at 7 pm. Then whatever happens in between was up to us and whatever we felt like doing. It is just our luck that our plans sometimes follow through but not in the way we thought it would.

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