King of Masked Singer Episodes 11 and 12 QUICK Mini-Recap

Hi everyone! I know this is coming out super late, but with Epik High and Ramadan starting, I’ve been a little behind. I finally got around to watching both episodes and to not make it really long, I’ve decided to just bullet point everything. Cause, ya know, who doesn’t like bullet points? Lol.


These episodes were so fun and groovy. Let’s get the party started!

Episode 11

  • Ooooooh~ Verbal Jint is in the episode. Mister Verbal Jint as Kim Gu Ra calls him.
  • Was the masked announcer wearing glasses over his mask? Lol.

Round 1:


  • They sang a Sung Si Kyung and IU duet, classy.
  • I feel like the Bejewelled Sheep Head is cheating a little with her legs.
  • Haha, I love how they were supporting them to date. DATE! DATE! DATE! πŸ’‘
  • I love how they also put classical music when Verbal Jint spoke.
  • I voted for Bejewelled Sheep Head, but the other dude won
  • Bejewelled Sheep Head is musical actress Sun Woo.

Round 2:


  • Such a groovy song and watching them perform was so much fun!
  • I thought the guy sounded like Lee Hyun formerly of 8eight.
  • My vote is for Bing Soo lady just because of her super boss (and delicious) mask…oh, and her skill too.πŸ‘
  • Yay! The audience agreed w/me.
  • OMG! It was Yoon Hyung Bin.

Round 3:

  • 2 Guys Doe…
  • But AHHHH they sang FTTS’ “Missing You”, major throwback.
  • ~Everyday, every night I am missing you~🎢🎢
  • I know the Egg Dude is VIXX’s Ken. Even if Twitter didn’t tell me, I would have been able to guess it was him.
  • Ken won!
  • The other dude is Go Yoo Jin of the band Flower. He has a really good voice!


Round 4:

  • Gave me goosies, everywhere! Like everywhere
  • SN: Kim Gu Ra thinks that Cleopatra is Noel’s Jung Woo Sung. YASSSS! I agree.
  • I also know that the highlighter lady is Apink’s Eunji. Her voice would have been a little harder to guess.
  • The dude is an old school k-pop idol, Jung Suk hyun from the group S#ARP (I think that’s how you spell it, lol).



Round 1:


  • Cheetah dude sang “Hee Ya” by Boohwal. Classy song but risky because it’s so classy. He did well though.
  • Everyone was just groovin’ along to both songs, haha!
  • Cheetah won, he had my vote.
  • Bing Soo lost and it’s actress Hyun Jyu Ni. Her mask will always be in my heart.

Round 2:


  • Idol vs. Idol
  • I can’t help but notice Ken as he twitches when he sings. It’s kind of cute. πŸ˜„
  • Eunji makes a slight rhythm mistake but covers it up professionally. I wouldn’t even have noticed if the panel hadn’t mentioned it.
  • Eunji won! Yeah, girl power!πŸ’

Final Round:

  • Cheetah’s song was super groovy. But then what Wheesung song isn’t? Lol.
  • His GRRRRRRRRR doe. He really was channeling his mask.
  • I πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ the song Eunji sang. Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” was my jam when it first came out.
  • My home girl~!
  • Eunji won! Now is the time where I voice that I think that Eunji is waaaayy to good for Apink *hides from all the Apink fans*.
  • Cheetah dude is none other than Na Yoon Kwon, whom Sandeul guessed earlier on in the episode. He’s getting much better at guessing people, lol.


Cleopatra wins for a 3rd time (I think).Β I personally think that Eunji should have won. Not being biased or anything…*shifty eyes*.

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Thanks, Q.

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