B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 7-9

Hi all! Q’s back and I’m ready to get back into blogging (hopefully be able to be consistent, lol). But yeah, I’ve been on vacation and just busy doing other things like this.


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B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 4-6

Hi guys! Welcome to another edition of B2ST Showtime superlatives. I gotta say this batch of episodes has to be one of my favorites, especially with the concepts for the episode. How much better could it get for our favorite idols than to get 24 hours of time to do whatever they want. And B2ST doesn’t disappoint. I mean when do they ever, am I right ladies (and fanboys)?


Now let’s start the party!

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B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 1-3

Hey guys! I’m back with more superlatives! Yes, I know it’s been kind of slow here but T and I are going to try and pick it up. ¬†Let me just say that I was a little weary coming into this new season of Showtime, but I guess I’ve forgotten how freakin’ hilarious B2ST is and I’m glad to have “rediscovered” them.


I feel like this photo really represents how this series is going so far, LOL. ¬†Alright, without further ado… Read More