B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 1-3

Hey guys! I’m back with more superlatives! Yes, I know it’s been kind of slow here but T and I are going to try and pick it up.  Let me just say that I was a little weary coming into this new season of Showtime, but I guess I’ve forgotten how freakin’ hilarious B2ST is and I’m glad to have “rediscovered” them.


I feel like this photo really represents how this series is going so far, LOL.  Alright, without further ado…

Best Reaction: Hyungnim (Junhyung’s dog)4

If Junhyung kissed me too, I would react the exact same way.  I’m pretty sure we all would, haha!

Best Cameo: Lee Joon of MBLAQ



I can’t believe that Joon just happened to be in the same restaurant that Doojoon was in.  If ya’ll haven’t seen the episode yet, Joon is literally walking out the door and stops when he sees Doojoon eating by himself.  Look at them just giggling to themselves like high school teenage girls.

Best Imitation: Kikwang for his imitation of driving in reverse


I could not stop laughing at this part.  Kikwang, how have you been driving?  If I was ever on the same road as Kikwang while driving, I’d stop my car and wait until he passes by.  Question is, would I really do that? LOL.  If anything, I would be the one to get in an accident (God forbid) after staring at Kikwang from my car.

Best Gift Giver: Hyunseung


He started with a lot and then started to take things out but he still ended up with more than he needed.  Oh Hyunseung, if we ever get married, just let me do all the shopping.  Call?

Now, for a new section that I’ve decided to add on!  The critically acclaimed LOL awards!  These are moments during the episodes that were downright hilarious enough to literally make you laugh out loud until you’re ROFL.  Drumroll please~!

3rd place: The Man Clutch.  Or what I call it, a mutch.



2nd place: Dongwoon and that dad who didn’t recognize him.


1st place: Hyunseung’s leg giving out on him.  Actually, Hyunseung boxing in general.


Hyunseung while boxing with Yoseob. His legs literally gave up on him,lol.


One comment

  1. kellin abril (@kellinss501) · September 12, 2014

    I’m a beauty! so you can imagine how hard I laughed!… xD I loved the 12 episodes… *my dorks!*

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