T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Taeyang

We’re back and we’re ready to give you something to read about!

This weeks ear candy will have to be Taeyang’s  second album Rise.



Now I would have to be crazy if I thought no one is listening to this album, definitely after finding out his MV reached over 3 million views. And my guess is all our readers and fans have already listened to the full album and know how it is. As well as watched the MV.

With Taeyang’s album I didn’t know what to expect but I really didn’t expect him to go in the route he did. When you think of Big Bang, you think pop, dance, hip hop; in your face, hyped songs; the same with Taeyang. So when I actually listened to the album I was completely surprised that he took a more soulful, ballad, R&B route with this album.

I was surprised but wasn’t disappointed. Teddy, GD, Tablo and of course Taeyang worked hard and achieved a great album.

My top four would be “새벽한시 (1AM)”, Body, Stay With Me ft. GD and Love You to Death.

Please comment on how you feel about this album and your top songs!!

If you are in the one percent that haven’t seen the “Eyes, Nose, Lips” MV yet, here you go. Or if you would like to see it again.

Tell us what you think!

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