QT Marry, Hug & Kill- ZE:A Edition

Hi guys!  Q’s back with a new Marry, Hug & Kill featuring ZE:A!

Read on to find out more about Q’s choices!

Who I would marry: Hyung Sik

His body is literally my ideal body type.  He’s tall, slender, cute, etc.  I mean, can you just imagine standing next to him on your wedding day?  Best wedding photos EVER!

Who I would hug: Min Woo

That boy needs a lot more lovin’.  He’s just too talented to pass up.  I know this because Kwang Hee is always praising Min Woo all the time.  If he needs to bring a guest, he brings Min Woo.  Min Woo and Kevin are the members that need to be a little bit more recognized in the group, I think.

Who I would kill: Hee Chul

Yeah, he’s just neutral to me.


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