T’s Talk of the Music Realm: EXO

Hey obsessors!

This weeks ear candy would have to be EXO’s Overdose!


After the song “Overdose” being leaked and the release date of the album being pushed back, we finally have our “Overdose” of EXO!

The album has five songs with a pop, ballad and dance genres. I do like all the songs they’re all catchy but while I was cleaning my room today for three hours the songs that I kept going back to would be “Overdose,” “Love, Love, Love,” and “Run.”

“Overdose” is obviously their promoting song so of course it’s the most popular and I think it’s a great song to groove to. This song makes the boys even cuter, because they are going through a good overdose of love from their love ones aka their fans!

“Moonlight” and “Love, Love,Love” are the two ballads in this album and out of the two I like “Love, Love, Love” the most. And how can I not? The lyrics basically says the boys gave up everything around them for you, that everything else is boring and nothing compared to you. That you are their “earth, air, water and fire.”

While listening to “Run” the feeling of “Spring/Summer” has came over me! I get a hype, lively, flirty sensation over me and I just want to go out with some friends and have some fun!

If you haven’t seen “Overdose” MV yet, here you go! Which I doubt because they have over 3M views already!

And we must give some love to EXO-M!! And please do watch it! I promise you it is not the same!

Tell us what you think!

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