Mung~ Reactions: EXO Teasers

T and our friend, T, aren’t as big of EXO fans as Q is, so we decided that they would react to the 10 EXO teasers leading up to EXO’s new and super awesome song, “Call me Baby”. Just so everyone knows, they’re going into this with little to no knowledge about EXO.


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QT Playlist: Feel Good About Spring Arriving Edition

So with the arrival of spring, I decided to put a playlist together that just made me feel good and and ready for spring! I had this playlist ready, even though the weather in Ohio was still in the 30s.  I was ready for the warm weather to come.

As your jogging in 60 degree weather or just lounging around in your room in the sun, check out this playlist to make your day better, I promise!

Read on to find out why I picked these songs!

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