T’s Talk of the Music Realm: EXO

Hello my obsessors!!!

As the holidays are among us or creeping in, I hope everyone are enjoying themselves and staying safe and sound!! 😀

Christmas eve is 12 days away!!! And to kick us off on this holiday cheer would be EXO’s new mini album “Miracles in December.”


There are two albums out by EXO, the Korean and Chinese version. My lovely counterpart Q loves the Chinese versions. hehe. My initial plan were to compare both from each other but after listening to them, there are subtle differences but not much so Im scratching that plan. And tell you what are my top two songs on the albums, out of five songs (which was actually pretty hard to decide).

I would say my number one song on both albums would be “My Turn to Cry.” I tend to shy away from ballads, it’s a bitter sweet feeling of mine. So, when I do say I like a ballad, its because the song really reached my heart,  a really sweet song.

So, after I said that I would say my second favorite song would have to be “The Star.” hehe Four out of five songs in this mini album are all ballads, allowing this song to stick out being the only hip hop song on the album. I feel that the song is a bit corny but it’s very cute for the holiday season…. Im definitely thinking of myself as a Star so they can come catch me for the holidays. ;3

Tell us what you think!

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