We Spent 5 Hours Playing an EXO Game

If you follow our blog, you know that I, Q, am a pretty big fan of EXO. T on the other hand, not so much. For some reason, after googling EXO, she found an EXO game for your phone. Me, being a fan, and T, being curious, downloaded it on to her phone right there and then in the middle of us getting bubble tea. The game started innocently, just an experiment, but then we began to get immersed and hated the fact that we kept on seeing the “You Lose” screen on simple games that we KNOW we can beat.


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Rant Time: EXO’s Tao (potentially?) Leaving the Group

And cue extreme sad face. If you haven’t heard yet, EXO member, Tao, could be potentially leaving the group after his father posted a heartfelt letter saying that he would like his son to leave the group after multiple injuries. A day or so later, his father was interviewed by Chinese media and told them that Tao had also agreed to leave.


Now, if you don’t know yet, I (Q) am a pretty big fan of EXO. Truth be told, I’m still recovering from Kris and Luhan and so with the rumors of Tao leaving, I was in shock but not really. I guess you could say I was a little prepared, but I wish that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, my love for EXO and my concern for Tao clashed so many times in my head that I had a migraine for a whole day.

Here are some examples of what my mind went through (in no particular order):

  • WHY?

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