EXO Showtime Superlatives Episodes 7-9

Hi guys!  Here I am again with another superlative recap of EXOOO~ Showtime!  I have to say these are probably my favorite episodes of the season.


Here are some of my favorite moments.  Let me know what some of your fave moments are in the comments below!

The Best Tourist: Tao


This episode (7) was all about Tao.  If I ever needed a travel partner, I would choose Tao hands down.  He’s just excited about everything!  He had me when he started to speak in Chinese cause he was just too excited about everything.

The Most Gullible: Lay


Aww, poor baby thought that little space was the bathroom.

The Most Frustrated with having to talk with 12 members: Our Leader Suho


That face says it all, haha.

Most Improved: Kai and Sehuh


It’s our golden couple.  Kai and Sehun go and learn how to properly make tea as part of their new year’s resolution to be more calm.  Before the teacher even comes in, they have a contest to see if they can sit still after a minute.  After succeeding that astonishingly hard task, they declare that they didn’t need it but Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Chen do.

Best Couple: XiuChen


I mean they almost broke a coffee machine together.  You can’t get more best couple than that, lol!

The Most Surprising: Suho


Suho joined Tao, Kris, and Chanyeol at the martial arts gym.  He reminded me of Song Joong Ki in Running Man as they share similar characters as the Ambitious one.  I mean who knew he could stretch like that.

The Best Recovery:  Luhan


During the long note battle, Luhan faces a crisis that we would never thought would happen:  Luhan’s ugly face while singing.  Yup, unfortunately it’s true.  But he quickly recovers it by turning his back to the camera.  Smart move.

Best Explainer:  Xiumin


Luhan calls for an SOS call from Xiumin when he doesn’t understand the game they play during the silent game.  I would have totally understood whatever Xiumin signed to me, like who wouldn’t, haha.

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