T’s Talk of the Music Realm: BtoB

Hey obsessors!

This weeks ear candy is BtoB “Beep Beep.”



BtoB were one of those groups I kept my eyes on when they first debuted, but only for their songs, I never really took the time to get to know the boys at all.  I realized I stop fantasizing about boy groups now that they’re younger than me. hehe But I’m always interested in their talents.

In this album of “Beep Beep” they have five songs, that would be considered as pop, dance and hip hop. I would say my favorite songs from this album would be “여보세요,” “Hello Mello” and “Melody.”

“여보세요” and “Hello Mello” are this hype, happy, pop, dance songs which I feel match their concept and personalities well. “Melody” is this slow pop ballad, which test their singing skills more to see if they can harmonize and put passion in their singing.

Here is their “Beep Beep” MV, if you haven’t seen it.

In my opinion I don’t really care for this MV. It’s a cute catchy song, but because I don’t have an interest in cars, this MV was a turn off for me. 😛

Tell us what you think!

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