YG’s WIN: Who is Next Ep. 10 FINAL

So we’re finally here.  After all the laughter and tears,so many tears, we finally have our WINNER.


I’m warning you guys now, I sincerely don’t have much to say about this episode other than the fact that it was a good way to end for both groups; but an even better end for one of the groups.

In terms of their performances, I liked all of it.  I love the energy that both Teams brought to “Just Another Boy”.  They both had strong concepts and catchy lyrics that anyone could follow along with.

The dance performances were great too.  Team A’s dance really captured the struggle and hard work they went through in the past 10 weeks.  Lee Seung-Hoon did a really great job choreographing and creating a concept that everyone understood.  They all danced their hearts out.  Team B was energetic as usual.  They came out strong and powerful.  I think it was their best dance performance to date.  It really showed of their teamwork and love for each other.

The highlight of the show was definitely the original compositions.  Team A went with Kang Seung-Yoon’s song “Go Up”.  I love the song.  It’s catchy and has a really good meaning.  YG said that the biggest strength that Team A has is their ability to write and produce their own songs.  This trend of singer-song writers in k-pop fits right along with them.

But Team B’s “Climax” though; damn, that was one moving song.  Everyone was crying.  B.I.’s solo rap was great.  It’s a shame that it came this late in the show though.  As a final song, it was a perfect end to the show.  But if they wanted a way to gather more votes for themselves, this song should have been out in the second round.  Of course I know that they didn’t think about the whole song concept until after the second round, but still.  I think Team B could have won if they came out with that song earlier.

Let me just say this, Jun-Hwe.  That boy can sing.  I don’t understand why he was dropped from K-Pop Star.  He has an amazing voice and stage presence and composure.  He was the most composed at the end of the show after the winner was announced.

I guess this is the part where I should reveal who the WINNER was.  Drumroll please (even though most of you guys know who it is, lol):


Congrats!!  They were great and deserved it.  They all did.


I personally wanted Team A to win.  I just felt like they were better prepared to debut and they were in the better position to do so.  I know Team B seemed like they better team in terms of talent and stage presence, but they seemed a little immature to me.  Team B had it down concerning performances, but things outside performances like interviews and self-promotion they weren’t as strong as Team A.

Team A you have veterans in the industry like Kang Seung-Yoon, Lee Seung-Hoon, and Min-Ho.  Tae-Hyun was really good at speaking and keeping the conversation flowing as seen during the roof top bbq party in the previous episode.  I feel like they’re prepared to deal with the public and the entertainment industry.


What did you guys think about the performances?  Which one was your favorite?  Who was your favorite Team?

Tell us what you think!

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