T’s Talk of the Music Realm: U-Kiss

Hello my obsessors!!

This week we’ll be talk about U-KISS latest mini album “Moments”.


I feel that U-Kiss don’t get the recognition that they deserve!!! They have been flying under the radar  in South Korea but they have been producing great songs and all the guys have great potential!!! It seems like they haven’t been getting a lot of the lime light that they deserve but have been out-shined by other groups. They have been very consistent with their activities within Korea and Japan, so I hope they get their time soon!!

This album has five new songs with an intro song, and they are all great!!! I do have a few favorites but the others aren’t half bad either!! It’s a must hear album if you haven’t already, because you won’t be disappointed. I would list out that my favorite two are “She’s Mine” and “Just a Moment”.

“She’s Mine” has a hip-hop and R&B feel towards them. It’s a really cute song that’s in your face….(if you know what I mean). The concept is really cute and it makes you sway to the beat. The boys did a great job harmonizing with each other, they did smooth transitions when the beat started to change between the hip-hop and R&B styles within the song.

“Just a Moment” also has a hip-hop and R&B feel towards them. I’m not sure what exactly attracts me to this song but if it’s like that then it must be a good song then right? hehe

Tell us what you think!

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