YG’s WIN: Who is Next Ep. 9

Welcome back!  This week’s edition of Who is Next sets us up for the final episode.


Expect more of this.  You’re welcome.


Team A and B have their first high-touch/fan meeting event.  A butt-load of fans came, and quite frankly I’m very jealous that they got to see them.  This fan though has got to be my favorite.


She bowed to them and everything.  That’s dedication.  Plus her hanbok is super pretty.  I want one!


After their fan meeting, they get their mission for the final round.

1) Original Composition

2) Dance

3) A track produced by Teddy


Bobby and B.I. begin composing their original composition.  They have a strong concept down and they have the feelings set.  I think it’s going to be a pretty strong piece.


Team A go their own ways.  Seung-Yoon, Min-Ho and Tae-Hyun go off and create tracks on their own.  Then they sit together to figure out which one to go with.


They meet together.  Seung-Yoon debuts his song which is based on a person’s heartbeat.  Tae-Hyun creates 5 songs just in case they couldn’t decide on one.  Seung-Hoon comments if he’s trying to sell his song, pffft. Does anybody else think of Yoon Jong-Shin when he mentioned that?


Min-Ho worked on his song until the early hours in morning, and then something happened with the computer and he lost everything he worked on.  And this is why we were to taught to save everything every 5 seconds.  So the piece he brings to the table reflects how annoyed and angry he was.  Not going to lie, it sounded pretty good to me.


They send their songs to YG, and he chooses Seung-Yoon’s song.  Team A immediately starts to practice.  Their harmonies are to die for.  I’m tone deaf, but whatever they sang sounded super good.


Team B starts to practice on their dance routine.  They head to the gym to decide who is going to expose themselves to the crowd.  I love how Jin-Hwan and Jun-Hwe are just sitting on the treadmill while everyone else is working out.  That’s why ya’ll are my favorite.


They have a t-shirt ripping contest and we get this!  I told you there was going to be more.  So Bobby, Dong-Hyuk, B.I., and Yoon-Hyung all compete.  Here is my ranking:


We’ll find out next episode who wins.


Both teams go off to rehearse for the big day and they all dream about one day having their own concert right in this stadium.  You guys can do it!  I believe in you.


We learn more about Dong-Hyuk in this episode.  He heads off one day by himself to visit his father.  We find out that his father passed away when Dong-Hyuk was only 8 years old.  He cries claiming that he could never cry when he visited his mother.  He promises the next he comes back he’ll bring his album.  Poor baby, come here, noona will give you a big hug.


It’s roof top bbq party time!  We get a lot of cute scenes like this.


Jin-Hwan wants to go and ask YG to keep all 11 together and debut.  Someone says he should do it himself, jokingly.  He retorts that they should all do it and if you don’t go and ask then you’ll get cut.  Lol, Jin-Hwan, why are you so adorable?  But really, does anybody else think they should pull a Shinhwa?  Team C for the win!


We hear about their first impressions on other members.  B.I. says that Jin-Woo has improved so much, especially his clothing.  Bobby says that he thought YG didn’t pick based on looks but when he saw Jin-Woo he was confused.  Joon-Hwe thought that Jin-Woo was a Japanese actor.


They talk about Min-Ho next.  Bobby said that he hated him as a rapper because he was better than him.  But they obviously love each other now.

Jin-Woo recalls a time he saw B.I. coming out of the bathroom and he started to moonwalk.  Pffft, lol.  Jin-Woo thought that he was an exceptional dancer after that.  When Min-Ho first saw B.I., he said he looked scary.  Bobby used honorifics when he first met B.I.

Joon-Hwe’s first impression was really cute.  They all had a good impression on him.  He always asked what he could do, what he should be doing, etc.  What a cutie!


And Dong-Hyuk, the youngest, sums it all up nicely.


At this time, I feel like Team A is ready to debut.  Don’t get me wrong, I friggin’ love Team B, but this last scene got me thinking.  Team A are really good speakers.  They’re ready to be on broadcast and interviews.  If you noticed, most of that last part (roof top party) was Team A speaking and asking questions and commenting on everything.  Assuming that the PD’s aren’t biased, they edited it this way because they are the better speakers on television; which I think is super important in the Korean entertainment industry.

But who really cares right? We want Team C!



We’re coming up on the final episode.  I’m pretty sure most of you guys have seen the 10th episode, but I’m wondering how you guys really feel about all 11 debuting in one group?  It seems cliche now to debut a humongous group.  What do you think?

Tell us what you think!

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