T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Miss A

Hello my obsessors!!

This week we should “Hush” and watch Miss A’s new MV!! hehe

Miss A has a comeback with their 2nd album “Hush” with seven new songs one remix of Hush and five of their hit songs.

Truthfully Miss A, are one of the very few girl groups that I truly adore!!! I’m very picky/harsh with my girl groups because in this industry it’s very easy for a girl to become famous even when she not that talented. But I do believe the girls in Miss A are very well rounded when it comes to their abilities to sing, dance, act and appeal to their fans.

As an idol group they are obligated to sing and they can sing well but they are also known as a dancing girl group which only a few girl groups can accomplish that well.

With technically seven new songs, I would say my favorite three are “Come to Play”, “Hush” and “Love is U” the first three songs in the album.

“Hush” is a sensual dance pop song, another reason why I like Miss A so much is because of the number of girls in the group, there’s Min, Suzy, Fei and Jia. We are able hear each of the girls display their singing abilities and each girl has their own personalities and talents to contribute to the group as a whole but it also make the girl unique on her own. With “Hush” we’re able to we in the MV and also hear it in the song.

“Come to Play” is a very sensual dance ballad song, when listening to the song it just makes your body groove to the music. hehe You can hear each of the girls singing and harmonies clearly with the light soft music in the background.

“Love is U” is a pop song, which just makes you smile as you listen to it. I can imagine this song in a cute couples scene going on a date and it just make you cringe because it’s so cute, or the realization scene that they’re in true love. hehe

Tell us what you think!

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