This is super late and I know that by now the top 10 has already been decided, but since I’ve already edited and  made my predictions I decided to release it. Plus, I haven’t seen the episode and I’ve steered away from Twitter so that it won’t spoil it for me.

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QT GT: The Karaoke Challenge!

We had sooo much fun doing this challenge. We love to karaoke, but karaoke is butt expensive. To compensate for it, we made our own karaoke room…in my living room. But, hey, just plain ol’ karaoking is boring. If Running Man has ever taught us anything, challenges and punishments are needed whenever you’re karaoking. On top of that, well, we’re super competitive and we had a pretty harsh punishment.

**Warning: We are NOT singers by any means. Just warning telling you guys now.**

So without further ado, enjoy our karaoke session (which may have turned into a semi-wrestling match).



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QT Epik Vlog So High In NYC Part 4: The Epilogue

Soooo Q here with a super short blog and update and a long, overdue video. I’m was overseas, so our blog was on a semi-hiatus, but I’m back now and ready to get back in the game!

Well, here’s that long overdue video (actually I have many that are in line to be edited -_- sorry): Epik Vlog so High The Epilogue.



QT K-pop MV Spoofary #1 ft. Beast, BoA, BTS, and More!

Excuse me, who are you. I’m good, nice to meet you. I’m into you, I need U, you’re ma first love. I can’t kontrol myself let’s go on a sex trip.

Where we spoof/parody important/random parts of a music video. Enjoy!


This week’s edition includes music videos from:

Jay Park “Sex Trip”
Hyosung “Into You”
Bestie “Excuse Me”
Hyunseung “Ma First”
BoA “Who are you”
Elsie aka Eunjung “I’m Good”
BTS “I need U”
Kim Sung Kyu “Kontrol”

Comment on what was you’re favorite part of the music video (ours or theirs)!

Rant Time: EXO’s Tao (potentially?) Leaving the Group

And cue extreme sad face. If you haven’t heard yet, EXO member, Tao, could be potentially leaving the group after his father posted a heartfelt letter saying that he would like his son to leave the group after multiple injuries. A day or so later, his father was interviewed by Chinese media and told them that Tao had also agreed to leave.


Now, if you don’t know yet, I (Q) am a pretty big fan of EXO. Truth be told, I’m still recovering from Kris and Luhan and so with the rumors of Tao leaving, I was in shock but not really. I guess you could say I was a little prepared, but I wish that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, my love for EXO and my concern for Tao clashed so many times in my head that I had a migraine for a whole day.

Here are some examples of what my mind went through (in no particular order):

  • WHY?

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