This is super late and I know that by now the top 10 has already been decided, but since I’ve already edited and  made my predictions I decided to release it. Plus, I haven’t seen the episode and I’ve steered away from Twitter so that it won’t spoil it for me.

My Top 10 prediction in list form.

  • Mazinger S
  • Lee Soo Jung
  • Yoo Jay
  • Jung Jin Woo
  • Park Min Ji
  • Joo Mi Yeon
  • Lee Si Eun
  • Sophie Han
  • Im Ha Eun
  • Seo Kyung Duk

If you liked that video, you should check out this video about my Cheese in the Trap withdrawals.



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  2. MM · February 21, 2016

    I enjoy your blog/vlog and look forward to reading/seeing your views on episode 14 and the judges’ top 10 selections.

  3. Nanana · February 22, 2016

    I totally can relate to ur withdrawal symptoms!

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