QT Story Time Flying Chickens from the Seoul

Hi! We wrote our own story. Our own k-drama-esque story. Enjoy 🙂

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Stacey is a friendly but fiery girl! She’s poor but comes from a good family. Her father runs a chicken store and her mother is a feisty but loving stay-at-home mom. Her good for nothing brother stays at home all day “studying” for the college entrance exam to which he has failed over 36 times. They live in the city where Stacey dreams of becoming a head chef of a restaurant. She also dreams of a falling in love and talks about it often with her best friend, Clarissa.

Stacey and Clarissa both work part time at her dad’s chicken store. Stacey is in the back frying the chicken while Clarissa is a waitress. One day a sexy guy from a rich family that owns a huge chain of chicken stores came in. His name is Danny and he’s a huge food enthusiast.

Danny, who is dressed in a suit with a fur collar and is wearing sunglasses indoors calls over clarissa.

“Excuse me! I would like to order a whole chicken from your fine establishment.”

“Okay. Would you like it fried or bake?”

Danny starts to fume a bit because he has a temper and is your usual chaebol spoiled brat of a son.

“I dont care! Who do you think I am?! Just give me both so I can spit it back in your face in disgust!”

Both the fried and baked chicken was given to him and after taking a bite out from both chickens he was surprised by the taste.  He instantly asked Clarissa, “who made these chickens? Send out the cook right now!”

Out walks Stacey.

Stacey walks out confused and Danny is ready to go on a rampage, “what kind of chicken are you making? It’s not as good as the chicken my company makes! Give me a better kind of chicken!”

Stacey, not taking any of his crap, takes the already eaten chicken, slaps him with it, takes a coke can, shakes it, opens it and sprays it all over Danny. She drops the can on the floor.

After dropping the coke can, Stacey turned around and ran like hell out the store. With Clarissa, looking completely dumbfounded and Danny soaked in coke, she ran to the back of the store and locked herself in the fridge. Danny was enraged and ran after Stacey, out for blood.

Danny caught up Stacey in no time. As she was about to wait to cross the street, she saw him getting closer and decided to take the risk of crossing the street. She started but didn’t notice the speeding truck heading towards her. Danny did and rushed to the street and grabbed her, saving her life. In this instant, Stacey fell in love as did someone else.

As they stared into each other’s eyes, people started to surround them asking if they were alright. But as the crowd grew bigger, people started to notice Danny and started to take pics. Noticing all of this Danny grabbed Stacey’s arm and ran back to the shop as the crowd of girls chase after.

They ran towards the shop but Danny thought it might be safer to hide in an alleyway. They ran into one and were facing each other in the very tight space. Talk about awkward but cute as Danny noticed how close they actually were. After he noticed the girls run by he pulled them out.

Stacey was tired and confused, “oh My God! Why did you do that? What’s with all those crazy girls? You’re not even that great!” But we all know what she was really thinking.

“When you’re father owns the biggest chicken shops in Korea, then you’ll know what it’s like to be famous and popular”, Danny shouted defensively. Just when he almost forgot about the cute and close moment they just had he noticed that Stacey was shivering in the cold, it was December. Trying to be charming he wrapped his coke covered jacket around Stacey’s shoulders to keep her warm.

Clarissa finally emerged from the freezer and walked outside to watch that whole scene happen. She turned around and forced herself not to look as she seethed in jealousy. “I loved him first,” she thought, “I deserve him. He’s mine.” Following her rage she ran up to them them grabbed Stacey by the arm and pushed her towards the street.

As Stacey was stumbling towards the street, she was able to catch herself but once she took a step forward, she tripped over a bucket of chicken bones and fell towards the street again. She got hit by the same truck from before as it was backing up on the street.

Danny rushed to see if she was okay. Of course she wasn’t she just got hit by a truck! All bloody and nasty, Danny picked her up and piggy backed her all the way to the hospital which was 5 miles away. When he finally made it, the doctors immediately operated on her and saved her life. Danny waited by her bedside until she woke up. She finally did and the first words she said to him shocked him.

“Why do you smell like chicken? Why are you here?”

Confused and in pain Stacey believed that it was Danny that pushed her into the street to get hit by the truck, when she first was about to get hit. She demanded the nurse to kick Danny out of the room. Later on, the nurse explained to her that it was him that brought her in.

The clock chimed 3 times as Stacey waited near the window reflecting on life. Danny nervously went back in the room ready to face Stacey’s wrath but was met with a sad smile.

“Why did you save me?”

“Because,” Danny stopped and looked down. You could see him red on his cheeks and it wasn’t from blood.

“Because, I love you.” Danny got down on one knee.

I have known you for the past 3 hours and it was the best 3 hours of my life. I almost lost you today and I’m not sure what I would have done if I did. So, will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

Shocked, excited and confused Stacey replied, “but we only have met today. It’s weird but it feels like I’ve known and seen you my whole life. And the fact that you saved me and carried me on your back for 5 miles even though you could’ve called an ambulance or taxi. How am I supposed to meet another guy like you? Of course I’ll marry you but first…

“Take me the bathroom. I need help.” Danny took his new fiance to the bathroom and left her to do her business. Whilst in the bathroom, Stacey shopped online for a wedding dress to be delivered via Amazon drone in an hour. She called her family to let them know, not that she was in the hospital almost died, but that she was about to get married and they should come over right away. Danny came back and her family was already there, ready for a wedding to happen.

After seeing her family already there Danny called his family to update them that he is getting married right then and there and that they should come with his dead grandparent’s rings. Once they arrived, Danny carried Stacey princess style down the the hospital chapel. But after seeing all the depressing patients praying to get better they decided to ask the priest to do their wedding at the hospitals open garden. Danny’s mom being a tycoon’s wife didn’t want a small wedding so she called up all the news channel and gossip magazines and the number one wedding planning to set something within an hour. With doves, butterflies and camera flashes fluttering everywhere Danny and Stacey got married and was flown away to the Caribbeans by his private jet for their honeymoon.  


(Yeah, I know. We’re ridiculous)

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