QT Playlist: Feel Good About Spring Arriving Edition

So with the arrival of spring, I decided to put a playlist together that just made me feel good and and ready for spring! I had this playlist ready, even though the weather in Ohio was still in the 30s.  I was ready for the warm weather to come.

As your jogging in 60 degree weather or just lounging around in your room in the sun, check out this playlist to make your day better, I promise!

Read on to find out why I picked these songs!

  1. SoYou x Jungigo “Some” – Man this song is too cute!  I especially like how the lyrics of the chorus sounds.  This songs makes me want to find a pilot of a man (if Baro’s available I’ll just take him) and have him fly straight into my heart.
  2. IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong of History “Friday” – This song gives me the cutesy feelings as “Some” does.  Jang Yi Jeong is a nice addition to this song.  I can just imagine myself taking my dog for a walk and listening to this song and then finding my man at my front door wanting to go with me.  Now if I only had a dog and a man, I could probably make this work, lol.
  3. K.Will “Love Blossom” – I’m sorry but if you don’t love K.Will and his awesomeness of a voice, then you must be crazy.  This song makes me want to eat some ice cream (but not from a demon child, any EYK fans out there,lol) and walk hand in hand with L down a boardwalk.  Does anybody else think that L is just ridiculously good looking?
  4. XIA “Incredible” – Something incredible, something so magical~ this was my shower alarm every morning and I would dance in the shower every morning to it (tmi?).  Every time I hear this song, I just want to dance.  It’s a great song to dance to!  Not going to lie, I could live without that rap in the middle though.
  5. EXO “Angel” – This song just gets me all the time, no matter how many times I’ve heard the songs in both Chinese and Korean.  The song is so pretty, the vocals are spot on and the lyrics are breathtaking.
  6. BtoB “Second Confession” – Because who doesn’t like cute boys dancing in pajamas.  Somehow they make dougie-ing cute?
  7. Roy Kim “Spring Spring Spring” – This song is about spring x3.  Like, how much  more spring-y can you get?
  8. Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Ending” – And what’s spring without Busker Busker’s song.  It’s a great feel-good song and I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for the Busker Busker single/album to be released.

I hope you enjoyed the list!  If you have any recommendations, just share them in the comments below and we’ll add them to the playlist!  Don’t forget to share this playlist with all your running buddies, like and share this post, and follow us on Twitter, @QT_kpop and Tumblr, qt-kpop.

Thanks guys, Q.

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