T’s Talk of the Music Realm: LunaFly

Hey my obsessors!

This weeks ear candy would have to be LunaFly “Special Guy.”



This album has five new songs which includes an English version of “Stardust” and Miryo from Brown Eye Girls feature in one of their songs “Special Guy/Aint No Normal Guy.”

This album has a pop rock genre feel to it with a bit of ballad. (if you guys have noticed I refer to genres of music like recipes to food. hehe)

I love this album a lot, so much I have been listening to them for a week now and I’m still not tired of it. It’s very interesting to me that they have English versions of their songs, it’s very unique probably the only group I can think of that does that. They also rename their English version songs too, which made me very confuse the first few times I was listening to the album. (let me admit, their English is a bit hard to understand hehe)

Because this album technically only has three new songs I feel bad saying which one is my favorite because it’s all good but I’ll say “Special Guy/Aint No Normal Guy” would be my favorite.

For those you haven’t heard it yet, Enjoy!

Tell us what you think!

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