K-Pop Star 3: Episodes 14-16

We’re back! Haha! We went on a brief vacation for spring break to get away from the freezing cold here in the Midwest, but we missed ya’ll so much that we decided to come back asap, lol.

I know the last post I did for K-Pop Star did cover episode 14, but I only covered half of it.


Alright!  Let’s get started!!

So the rest of episode 14 was actually a lot more interesting than the first half.  The contestants who received 2nd place all competed against each other for the remainder of the 5 spots. They all did better this round than the previous one.  The 2 standouts for this round, for me, was definitely Bae Min Ah and Something.

Jjari Mong Ddang really brought it home with their rendition of “Stand Up for Love”.

In the end, it was Jjari Mong Ddang, Jang Han Na, Bae Min Ah, Nam Young Joo and Something who made it through the next round.  That left Peter Han, The Chae Sisters, and Lee Chae Young out of the competition.

Before going to the live broadcast, the top 10 performed in front of 100 fans of the show.  In this round the group was split into either the A or B team.  In each team, only the top 3 were guaranteed a spot in the top 8.  Two contestants are eliminated after the audience of 100 votes to keep their favorite performer alive.

Kwon Jin Ah

She really is the dark horse of the competition.  Kwon Jin Ah sang Primary’s “See Through” and it was sexy.  The judges commented that she was really good at singing sad songs, and so to change it up she decided to sing a more upbeat song and it did her justice.

For me, she was really the only standout performance in the A group.  After the first round surprisingly Bernard Park and Sam Kim were left in the bottom

Bae Min Ah

By no means was this performance her best one, I chose this one because the first part of the song was so soulful and beautiful.  Then towards the middle she started to go downhill but then picked it back up at the end.  By far, my favorite performance by her is “Love”.

Once again, there really wasn’t a standout performance in this episode as well.  In the bottom for this group was Something and Nam Young Ju.  Fortunately, Bernard Park and Sam Kim made it to the next round.

Our top 8:

  • Kwon Jin Ah
  • Jjari Mong Ddang
  • Almeng
  • Han Heejun
  • Jang Han Na
  • Bae Min Ah
  • Bernard Park
  • Sam Kim


  1. chee wei yean · March 19, 2014

    really thks for sharing. was so heartbroken when my hearthrob yao wri tao n peter han were out especially yao. he has the x factor to be famous but its juz not his luck during that round when he sang the sad song related to the father. his mentor JYP said he would like to work with him again n hope that he n peter han will be selected again ad the wild cards. <3<3<3

    • qtkpop · March 19, 2014

      thanks for the comment! but yeah, luck wasn’t on his side at all for him, even though he was good, when he was placed to compete against Sam Kim and Jjari Mong Ddang. Not going to lie though, a lot of my personal favorites didn’t make it to the top 10 so I’m not really sure how this season is going to top last season.

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