EXO Showtime Superlatives Episodes 10-12

Hey guys!  Due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy, we decided to put our activities on hold for the time being.  Part of the reason was to give respect to those suffering in South Korea and also because nothing was really happening to blog about.  So just like how all of the broadcasting stations have slowly started to air shows, now we’re going to slowly go back to posting on the blog.  


To get things started, I’m finally going to wrap up my EXO Showtime superlatives!

The Person Who I Could Beat in Bowling: Chanyeol

Oh Chanyeol, my friend.  I’m not the best bowler, far from it, but I could probably beat you in a round of bowling if you bowled the way you did that way.  

Most Polite in a Haunted House: D.O. and Luhan

Lol, did you guys see how they both bowed to the first ghost?  Not going to lie, I would have pulled a D.O. and ran out of that haunted house.

The Slickest Haunted House Victim: Xiumin

He was probably the smartest one by going into the house without his flashlight on.  Like NONE of the ghosts noticed him.  When the ghost who was supposed to chase after him didn’t even get noticed by Xiumin, I died!

The Member I Would Most Likely Choose to Go in With because of his Heartwarming Actions: Chen

Lets be honest here, it was the hot packs.  Who wouldn’t want to go into some haunted house with a man who has 5 million hot packs on him.  And it helps that he wasn’t the slightest bit scared going into it.

Most Likely to Die First in a  Horror Movie: Luhan

For being a “manly” man, he sure does fall a lot.  But don’t worry Luhan, I’ll protect you!

The Best Man: Luhan

On the contrary, my heart fluttered after watching Luhan hugging Tao in the “Heirs” parody.  On top of that the PD’s graciously put in the basketball clip.  Just marry me now please!

The Best Light Show you’ll Ever See in a Haunted House:  Sehun and Tao

And it’ll probably be the only light show you’ll see in a haunted house.  I think they both had two flashlights, lol.

The Most Telepathically Incapable: OT12

From not being able to sync their slogan “EXO Showtime” to not ordering the same food, EXO kind of fails at reading each others minds.  But then again there are 12 members, so I’ll give ya’ll that.

The Best Rapper: Baekhyun

Yo, yo, yo!  Let’s have a rap battle one day.  When Baekhyun added that last part in Tao’s accent, that was like that “Ohhhh” moment at the end of all “Yo Momma” battles.  

And last but not least…깹송 (kkaeb song)

Our boys are geniuses!

I hope you guys enjoyed the recaps and come back soon for more fun!

Thanks, Q.




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