B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 7-9

Hi all! Q’s back and I’m ready to get back into blogging (hopefully be able to be consistent, lol). But yeah, I’ve been on vacation and just busy doing other things like this.


Read on to find out what crazy superlatives I have for our Beast-y boys

Best Activity Idea of the day: Hyun Seung 

hyunseung PC bang








Because who doesn’t want to see the boys place Starcraft all day long. Ay, as long as they invite Kikwang’s cute gamer friend, I wouldn’t mind *wink wink*.

Newest Dance Craze: The Leg Fire Shooter

newest dance craze








Look at how sexy he looks, LOL!

Most Likely to Be A Science Teacher: Kikwang

kikwang the science teacher








Figure 1. Kiwkang describes the action and reaction as you try to drink a lot of coke all at once.

Sexiest Workout Evar- Just like those Panties Yoseob Loves to Wear: Kikwang and Dong Woon

sexiest workout evar








No words need to be said. I’m just kind of sad that I didn’t screencap it well enough so we could see Kikwang’s abs. Whoops.

Most Unsympathetic Production Crew: the PD’s

most screwed up production crew question mark








I agree with you Jun Hyung. The PD had one of their writers be one of the games. Beast members had to try to cheer her up the writer after only a month had pass after breaking up with her boyfriend. Sure it was entertaining to see, but I felt so bad for the writer lady. She looked so gloomy, even when we were just looking at her backside.

Best Paper Title Ever: Dong Woon with Let’s Go 지리여행 

best paper Evar








So dorky! Dong Woon named his paper using a word pun.

Biggest Let Down: Mother Nature

biggest let down by mother nature








One day when I go to Jeju Island, I want it to be really sunny. Please don’t disappoint, mother nature.

Smartie Award: Yo Seob

smart award








After sharing his sandwich with everyone, Kikwang is left with nothing to eat.

LOL Award: Dong Woon and his slipper mishap

lol award








I can’t believe he went towards the wrong slipper! I died laughing.

Those were some of my superlatives for this set of episodes! Let me know what were some of your favorite parts.



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