B2ST Showtime – Burning the Beast Superlatives Episodes 4-6

Hi guys! Welcome to another edition of B2ST Showtime superlatives. I gotta say this batch of episodes has to be one of my favorites, especially with the concepts for the episode. How much better could it get for our favorite idols than to get 24 hours of time to do whatever they want. And B2ST doesn’t disappoint. I mean when do they ever, am I right ladies (and fanboys)?


Now let’s start the party!

The Best Teamwork Collaboration on Song Lyrics: Doo Joon and Dong Woo aka Rhyme Elephant


You don’t want to cross these two in a rap battle when these guys pride themselves on logic, reasoning, creativity, and most importantly rhymes. It’s a deadly combo. Dong Woon somehow gathers all the ammunition and Doo Joon creates the battle plan for victory.  I’m telling you, you guys might want to stay away from them, lol.

Most Realistic Lyrics: Hyun Seung


His work is genius. So real, it’s just as if it was me he was talking about. I don’t really internet search to see if there are any incidents, I do check my twitter feed in the morning though. I do wash my face every morning when I wake up. It’s like he knows me. In all seriousness, how cute was Hyun Seung as he continued singing his song he realized that he plagiarized Primary C’s “See Through”?

Most Polite Therefore Making Him the Coolest Guy of the Day(s): Ki Kwangmost polite kikwang


Even though his polite hands were a friendly reminder from Doo Joon, it was still super cute to see him be this way to the PD sunsaeng-nim.

kikwang cool guy award

And he paid for everyone’s meal at the Japanese restaurant.  Double points for you Ki Kwang ssi~.

The Most Cutie Patootie Because He was Scared of the Giraffes Award: Yo Seob

ys dw

He looks like a little baby in Dong Woon’s arms, lol. Yo Seob was a little frightened when they fed the giraffes from a super close distance during their safari adventure at the zoo (Ki Kwang’s wish for the day). He was the same way with the seagulls when they were trying to feed them shrimp crackers.

The Best Selca (or attempted selca): Dong Woon ft. Giraffe


He wanted a selca so bad with the giraffes. It was either his hyungs were too scared or occupied, or the giraffes didn’t get near him at all. Awww, poor baby.

Best Conversation EVAR: The Perm Talk w/ special guest Doo Joon’s Friend

perm talk

As part of Doo Joon’s wish, his friend came down to see them and drink coffee and have some kind of conversation.  I don’t even know what they were talking about, but Hyun Seung out of nowhere (with his lovely 4D personality), asked Doo Joon’s friend what kind of perm he has. Now I know that you can get a shaggy perm, foil perm, shadow perm (I’m curious about this one), baby perm, dandy perm, and probably a lot more.

Now it’s time for the LOL Awards! Drumroll please~!

3rd Place: Both Doo Joon and Jun Hyung Being Locked Out of their Rooms

dj jh locked out

2nd Place: Dong Woon and His Manhwa Book


The subtitles said it all. They were all suddenly interested in the book.

1st Place: B2ST and the Seagulls, or rather that 1 Seagull

seagull and beast lol

Can we all LOL and appreciate Dong Woon for the moment?



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