K-Pop Star 3: Live Broadcast Episodes 17-18

Hey Guys!  I’m a little behind on these posts, but hopefully by next week I’ll be back on track where I’ll only recap 1 episode.  Anyways, enough about me, it’s finally the live broadcasts and boy did they deliver.  I had some doubts about this season, but after watching these 2 episodes all those doubts washed away.


Episode 17 – In episode 17, the top 10 were split so that they would have a 1 vs. 1 battle with each other.  The winner of the battle moved on to the top 8, while the loser became in danger of being eliminated.  

Round 1: Han Heejun vs. Almeng

Almeng won this round, even though I felt that both their performances were similar.  The problem I had with Almeng this round was that it seemed like they were missing their taste, their flavor.

Round 2: Sam Kim vs. Kwon Jin Ah

Sam Kim singing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.

With Sun Mi in the crowd, Kwon Jin Ah did her song “24 hours” justice.

This one was a hard one for the judges to pick, even though Kwon Jin Ah won all 3 votes.  But it was because they were both so good.  This match-up was a good one.

Round 3: Jang Han Na vs. Jjari Mong Ddang

Let it go, let it go~!  If you haven’t checked out our reaction to 2bic’s cover of the song where we kind of do a cover that’s on par to Jjari Mong Ddang, check it our here.  Back to the show, Jjari Mong Ddang won the round with their as usual perfect harmonies.  Plus, their dresses were gorgeous.

Round 4: Bae Min Ah vs. Bernard Park

Whew, and Bernard Park is back!  Truthfully, I’ve known that he was a good singer but this performance I could really feel for the emotions he had with the song.  It was great.  He had a little trouble with Korean songs, but he couldn’t have picked a better time to sing an English song than now.  He really did a great job.

In the end, Bae Min Ah and Jang Han Na are eliminated.

Episode 18 – Now we’re back to our normal K-Pop Star with the judges giving scores.  The end result is calculated 60 percent judges score and 40 percent audience votes.  Also, this week was YG week where they got to spend their practice time in the YG building and some contestants get surprise visits from 2ne1!


It was a fun performance but definitely not their best.  They got a visit from CL and they were so cute in front of her.


JYP = 82

YG = 90

YHY = 90

Bernard Park

After his very successful performance song last week, Bernard Park is back with a Korean song to prove that he can sing in Korean and have the same exact emotions.  He sings a Sung Si Kyung song which are typically super sad and super emotional.  The way I listened to it was with my eyes closed just so I could focus more on his vocals with the song.  When he was nearing the end of the song, it was good and I was very into it.


JYP = 86

YG = 89

YHY = 92

Jjari Mong Ddang

And our divas are back!  Just chills, every time each one of them opened their mouths I just had chills.  This was a great song choice, and I thought it was their best performance to date and the judges agree with me.  Oh and they got a visit from Park Bom who gave them some good advice.


JYP = 96

YG = 96

YHY = 95

Sam Kim

Sam is just have a stellar time during the live broadcasts.  His rendition of JYP’s “너 뿐이야” was so soulful, it had me and YG dancing along to it.  You guys need to watch the end over and over again.  Boy is adapting well to Korean entertainment with all the fan service he’s been giving.  And wasn’t he so cute when Sandara Park went to visit him.  He’s 15, he’s 15, he’s 15.


JYP = 97

YG = 95

YHY = 97

Han Heejun

Once again, Heejun had an okay performance again for me.  He sang Lee Seung Hwan’s “For 1000 Days” and the judges commented how he felt restricted and not comfortable.  I agree.  I guess I kind of had high expectations after listening to BtoB’s cover of the song


JYP = 84

YG = 85

YHY = 90

Kwon Jin Ah

She was originally going to sing 2ne1’s “I Don’t Care” and I was really excited.  But then she didn’t feel ready so she switched the song to Sting’s “Field of Golds”.  Yeah, that was my face too.  JYP was like, how does she even know this song.  I was a little skeptical at first but omg I don’t even know why I was.  I mean we’re talking about Kwon Jin Ah for goodness sake.  She was so good.  I wonder if she will really dance with Minzy, with whom she was visited from, sometime soon.


JYP = 96

YG = 90

YHY = 96

In the end, Almeng and Han Heejun were eliminated leaving us with Kwon Jin Ah, Sam Kim, Jjari Mong Ddang, and Bernard Park as our top 4.



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