K-Pop Star 3: Battle Auditions Episodes 12-14

Hey guys!  Sorry for the super late update, I’ve just been super busy.  No worries, I’m back with the Battle Auditions.  If you aren’t familiar with the Battle Auditions, this is when the contestants take the things they learned at YG, JYP and Antenna and put it to the test.  One person from each company compete against each other, first place is automatically placed in the Top 10 and last place is eliminated.  Second place gets a second chance to compete for the rest of the 5 spots.


There are some disappointing performances but a few standout ones that balance everything out.

Round 1: Nam Young Ju v. 1minute v. Kwon Jin Ah

Winner: Kwon Jin Ah

And rightfully so, her rendition of Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” was soulful and great.  The way she sang it really resonates with my life ㅠ-ㅠ.  After winning this, she has now become the dark horse of this competition.

Eliminated: 1minute

Round 2: Hong Jung Hui v. Bae Min Ah v. Almeng

Winner: Almeng

Choi Rin had a hard time performing 2ne1’s “Ugly” as her voice was not in tip-top shape.  But the judges commended her effort and their sincerity in the song, that made them win.  It was a close call with Bae Min Ah’s cover of Keisha Cole’s “Love”, which I personally thought was better.

Eliminated:  Hong Jung Hui

This was a very emotional episode.  Yoo Hui Yeol broke down after having to send her away.  He felt bad for not being able to help her as she was having a hard time trying to figure our what kind of singer she wanted to be.  He cried, then I cried, then she cried, and then I cried some more.  It was a mess.

Round 3: Sam Kim v. Jjari Mong Ddang v. Yao Wei Tao

Winner: Sam Kim

Whew!  Boy was he good!  After receiving training from Antenna, Sam improved leaps and bounds by singing Ra.D “I’m in Love’.  Everything that he had an issue with in previous episodes, Yoo Hee Yeol helped him and it was great.  It was a great way to avenge EQ as he went against Jjari Mong Ddang.

Eliminated: Yao Wei Tao.

And I’m upset.  It was hard to watch the rest of it knowing that he wasn’t going to there anymore.

Round 4: Jung Ha Na v. Something v. Chae Sisters

Winner: none

Eliminated: none

All three contestants move into the 2nd place waiting room for their chance try and compete again.  Because there wasn’t a standout performance and there wasn’t one that completely sucked.

Round 5: Peter Han v. Heejun Han v. Brody

Winner: Han Heejun

His performance was so raw.  It felt real and it’s great that YG really helped him find that out.  Han Heejun sang Kim Bum Soo’s “지나간다”.

Eliminated: Brody

Round 6: Lee Chae Young v. Bernard Park v. Heo Eun Yeol

Winner: Bernard Park

JYP chose a song that would help him become more, for lack of a better word, “Korean” in order to really gain the favor of the Korean audience.  The judges felt that Bernard’s Park Seung Hwa “I Love You” was good but not great.  Obviously good enough for him to make to to the Top 10.

Eliminated: Heo Eun Yool

And I’m upset, again.  She’s so cute and her personality is great.  Her singing chops weren’t bad either.

Stay tuned for next week, where we find out who performed the best out of the second place to make it into the top 10

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