K-Pop Star 6 Episode 9

Sorry, guys. I skipped episodes 7-8 for a few reasons.

  1. I was procrastinating on the episodes.
  2. When I finally watched the episodes, the group rounds seemed a little dull to me.
  3. Because of that, I didn’t have the motivation to finish writing the post.

I’m really sorry for my laziness (it’s one of the things I wriggled into my New Years resolutions).


But I’m back with episode 9 and it’s casting rounds! Find out who gets cast into which company and which contestants do they fight over (personally one of my favorite things about K-Pop Star). If you’re not sure what casting rounds are JYP, YG, and Antenna have the opportunity to choose 5 people to train. This year is a little different with the appearance of trainees so they each get 2 trainees. Antenna forfeited their trainee selection so now JYP and YG gets 3 trainees each.

Lee Seo Jin and Seok Ji Soo

I thought they were okay. I think they’re still missing 2% of something. I also think that they focused too much on the corny choreography. Truthfully, I’m not even sure if someone is going to be cast into a company.

With that being said, Seok Ji Soo barely makes it and joins JYP as their first artist, while Lee Seo Jin is eliminated.

Kim Yoon Hui

Awww, she got a surprise visit from Jung Seung Hwan. Her personality is cute and her interaction with him was cute. Her voice is so pretty when she sings. She reminds me of Baek A Yeon, or more like her voice is the baby version of her voice. She’s only 14 so her voice hasn’t exactly matured yet and when it does it’s going to be beautiful.

JYP gets his second contestant with Kim Yoon Hui.

Lee Soo Min and Go Ara

Whew! Their vocals were on point! I was a little unsure about their pairing at first, but all doubt was blown away. My favorite comment was from Yoo Hee Yeol who said that Lee Soo Min just really wanted to perform with somebody after being alone for so long that when she does perform with a buddy (why do I so old?) you can totally see how happy she is. Yoo Hee Yeol must be regretting his decision to give up his two trainee cards.

JYP and YG fought over Lee Soo Min (and rightly so) with Lee Soo Min  choosing JYP. I think it was the right choice for her. YG casts Go Ara.

Boyfriend – Kim Jong Seob and Park Hyun Jin

I hope they change their name because I can’t stop giggling at that name. These two are too adorable. They were so shy when they had an English lesson with Chrisha Choo. I will never say the word paralyze the same again. JYP joked that they only wanted to get a lesson because she was pretty. Anywaaaayyys, of course their performance was really good. I’m like obsessed with Park Hyun Jin’s voice and their remix of it was lit.

They get cast as a team by JYP.


I love the song Shannon sang. While her favorite lyric is “In a shape that’s a bit different from others/
I fall asleep alone”, mine is the line that follows it  “When morning comes again and I open my eyes/
I want to smile”. I loved that she had all the emotions needed for the song. If she just kept it in a little at the end, it would have made her performance even more amazing. But I understand. I understand that when things are hard, you just need to cry and let it out.

YG casts Shannon (although, I think she would benefit more from Antenna). Maybe YG will help up her charisma/fun, personality factor.

Chrisha Choo and Jeon Min Joo

Chrisha! If she was in a girl group, she’d be my bias (Lee Soo Min would be my bias wrecker, lol). Their performance was sharp. Their dancing and singing matched well and they had, like, the coolest dance moves. I loved how the beginning of the track it was a beat box version of the song.

Once again, JYP and YG fight to win another contestant’s heart and that person is Chrisha. She chooses YG, while JYP takes Jeon Min Joo.

This was a good beginning to the casting round. Stay tuned to find out which other contestants make it and who Antenna finally chooses. I feel like by the time some of the other singers perform, JYP and YG are gonna run out of priority cards.

While you wait, might I suggest watching some of our stupid videos? 🙂


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