K-Pop Star 5 Episode 19

It’s live broadcast time! Check out my recap of episode 18 here.

ep 19

For those of you guys who are new to K-Pop Star, in this round they go from top 6 to top 4. It’s 60% judges score and 40% text votes. Find out who makes it to the K-Pop Star 5’s top 4

Woo Ye Rin

Aww, her performance was cute. She kind of reminds of IU. The only problem I have was that it seems like the band overpowered her at times. Also, sometimes the backup dancers and set props can be kind of distracting and I feel like it was a little distracting to me. YG said that she looked pretty comfortable on stage, which I have to agree.

Antenna 91 // YG 90 // JYP 85 // Q (me) 85

Lee Si Eun

Damn girl! You hit those high notes. I got a little teary eyed. I absolutely love this song and it’s one of my favorite songs by Jonghyun. I was really surprised how beautifully she sang it. And I gotta give props to the set director or whose ever idea it was to have the shadow dance in the back. That’s a great way to use the background to enhance your performance.

Antenna 96 // JYP 87 // YG 95 // Q 99

Yoo Jay

She’s so adorably awkward when she’s dancing. Good points. She looked great and the stage was good. Her voice sounded good. I think this performance she was too focused, if that makes sense. This was supposed to be a nice fun song but it felt like she was too tense. She played it like it was going to be super fun and so I pictured her moving around and having the best time. It was just okay for me.

JYP 86 // YG 85 // Antenna 90 // Q 85

Mazinger S

Chaeyeon’s “Two of Us” is such an old k-pop song classic, I love it. I love the rock remix that they did. I was grooving throughout most of it. They’ve always been really good, but I don’t think I have a favorite performance by them yet. Like, one I can show my friends and be like, “Yo. This is k-pop”. Truthfully, I don’t think I will until they actually release their own song. I’m glad that YG said that it’s okay that YuYu Liu made a mistake.

JYP 97 // Antenna 94 // YG 95 // Q 90

Lee Soo Jung

Right before YHY said that she’s a cool girl, I literally kept on saying, “Oh my god. She’s so cool”. I love the Oh Hyuk version of the song, but she sounded soooo good. It was ridiculous. Her voice is great and the sound system amplified it 100x more and it just made everything even more better than it already was. Uggggghhh, can we be friends please? Can I have a cool friend please?

Antenna 95 // YG 97 // JYP 100 (first 100 of the season, already? you go girl!) // Q 99

An Ye Eun

That was a cool performance. I guess I was expecting something nice and uplifting but it was the opposite. Not that it was bad, it was cool and interesting. Just like her. If I needed an uplifting song, I’d want to listen to something like this. I’d rather listen to a song that would make me get up rather than reflect on how my life sucks and I need to turn it around. I think what really threw me off was the background dancers and the random flames. It just seemed really angry and didn’t match the song, but then when the purple flags came out and the flowers it was little better. I mean that visual didn’t really match the vibe of the song either, but I get the concept.

Antenna 93 // JYP 98 // YG 95 // Q 94

woo ye rin and yoo jay

Unfortunately, we had to lose Woo Ye Rin and Yoo Jay. Good luck ladies with your future endeavors!

Stay tune for episode 20’s recap, it should come very soon. In the mean time, if you like kimbap check out our video here.

Thanks, Q.

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