K-Pop Star 5 Episode 20

Semifinal time! Check out episode 19’s recap here.

This picture is so trippy, lol.

This picture is so trippy, lol.

Lee Si Eun

Lee Si Eun has sung some of my favorite ballads ever. In this episode she sang “Drunken Confession” and I absolutely love this song. She sang it well just not as good as her Lee Hi song from the last episode. I think that the fact that this is a more “masculine” song and with that, I feel like, this song you really need experience in dating and being really sad to make people really feel the song. I don’t think that she has had that experience…yet. But, wasn’t the scene with Park Ka Kyung and Seo Kyung Duk super adorable? Park Ka Kyung is like her little sister and Seo Kyung Duk is the oppa next door that she has semi-secret feelings for. It was just adorable.

Antenna 90 // JYP 87 // YG 92 // Q 85

Lee Soo Jung

I thought she was great. From the moment she opened her mouth I was just like, “Whoo!”. I absolutely love her. When she mentioned that she was going to go more crazy like JYP, I thought she was going to go all out, the house dance and everything. But I liked the fact that she kept it her style, cool and chic. Can we please be friends now?

JYP 95 // YG 93 // Antenna 93 // Q 95

An Ye Eun

I love the concepts that she comes up with for her songs. This self-composed song didn’t sound as cool as the one from the other episode, but it was okay. I have to give props to K-Pop Star for giving the chance for singer-songwriters a chance to show off their own work. I’m not sure if other shows do that, but I feel like they don’t. I could be wrong, feel free to correct me :). Her little fan meeting was so cute. I loved how surprised she was every time her fans screamed.

JYP 88 // YG 95 // Antenna 95 // Q 85

Mazinger S

They were good. They did great. I guess I was just waiting for that really big note part that came a lot later on when they all sang together. I got some major goosebumps then. Maybe I was really looking forward to there performance, that I put the bar up REALLY high. Personally, I feel like they should have sang “Listen” because it’s a big song but it has their vibe in it, like look at me, up in your face sass but you know not as suck up-py (if that makes sense to you, let’s be friends). Last thing, Joyce Lee, yo. I freakin’ love you and your freakin’ voice.

Antenna 89 // JYP 90 // YG 93 // Q 92

Okay, so did Bernard Park get a lot better at singing (not that he was bad before). The song is cute, perfect for spring.

So you’re top 2 finalist are Lee Soo Jung and An Ye Eun! Congrats! Now off to watch the finale!

While you’re waiting for the recap, check this video out

Thanks, Q.

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