K-Pop Star 5 Episode 17

Hey guys! I know it’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted about K-Pop Star 5. It’s been a busy last few weeks for me, so hopefully I can finally catch up on the latest episodes this week. At least that’s the goal.

ep 17

So this year, they changed it. Top 6 will be determined kind of like how the Top 8 was. It’s a 1 vs 1 battle and the judges determine the winner of each round. The person/team that wins automatically makes it to the top 10 while latter is up for elimination. The audience then votes on who they want to continue on.

Lee Soo Jung vs. Mazinger S

Lee Soo Jung starts the night off with her rendition of IU’s “Twenty-Three”. I was surprised by her choice as were the judges. She started the song off really well in my opinion, but somewhere in the middle she kind of lost me. She went back to her sultry side and it was all better. JYP noted that you can’t really see IU in the song, which was a good thing and kind of bad thing. I found myself wanting to sing along with her but I couldn’t at some parts. I think that might be why she kind of lost me for a bit. Overall, I enjoyed it!

SN: You guys should definitely check out my parody of IU’s “Twenty-Three”.

Mazinger S brought it! First of all, can I say that I freakin’ missed Joyce Lee’s voice. To put it simply, I was groovin’ the whole time. I was enjoying myself and I got goosebumps, especially in the beginning. And they brought something different. It was something I wasn’t expecting and that’s not a bad thing. Now I can’t wait to see what they’ll bring in the future rounds.

Lee Si Eun vs. An Ye Eun

Lee Si Eun. She was good. She was good. She was good. Not a mistake, that’s literally what I said, lol. She sounded really good to me. I think that the only thing that was off for me was that I couldn’t sing along with it. Maybe? Actually, I’m probably making excuses. I think she’s still missing that feeling part. But she’s getting better and I want to root for her so badly. So, I am. She definitely looked a little more relaxed especially towards the end which I thought was the most important part and she nailed it.

An Ye Eun, back at it again with an interesting self-composition. Haha, yeah, someone stop me. She sure does know how to get someone’s attention through song. That beginning part got made me go woah, this is going to be epic. Like her creativity is like on a different level from other K-Pop Star contestants thus far, in my opinion. My favorite part is when she’s like, “woo woo woo ul-ruh”. Lol, that looks so weird in English. Now I have to look for the translation for this song.

Woo Ye Rin was also in this episode but I’ll recap her performance with episode 18. Look forward to that!

While you’re waiting, you guys should check out these videos made by us!

Thanks, Q.


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