K-Pop Star 4 Episode 19: Top 4 to Top 3

Ah! We’re getting closer and closer to crowning a new winner. I have to say, this episode has to be one of my favorite episodes of the season, performance wise.


It’s JYP week! Park Jin Young decides to take them on a nice drive and treats them to a meal. During the drive he suggests some songs to the contestants. Lee Jin Ah jokes that he’s just like a radio DJ and then JYP plays along with it and acts like a radio DJ. At their meal time, we learn that Jung Seung Hwan used to do martial arts. I don’t know about you guys but his hotness factor went through the roof for me, lol.



First one up to perform is our precious Lily M. Has anybody else wondered why we call her Lily M. instead of just Lily? Anyways, she sings Rain’s “I Do” and it’s adorable. YHY comments that the only thing that she’s really lacking is power so she should eat a lot and take care of her health. And I agree. I said this in the last post , but she needs more more of that power.


Judges Scores:

  • JYP 91
  • YG 88
  • YHY 92


Lee Jin Ah sings a cover of 회상 “산올림”. It’s an old song and I have no idea what it is but she sang it beautifully. She put a bluesy feel to the song and it was gorgeous. Both the song and the way she played the piano spoke differently but they meshed well together. I’m not even sure that makes sense, lol. It was just really pretty and beautiful and my favorite performance of all time by her. It even had JYP tear up and made him think of his past and gave her the first 100 of the season.

Judge’s Scores:

  • JYP 100
  • YG 90
  • YHY 95

Katie Kim delivers a powerful ballad from Tashannie’s “Day by Day”, which is originally a dance-y, r&b, 90s pop, kind of song. It was super good. Like a whipped cream pie full of soul kind of good. JYP commented that she seemed nervous at the beginning but then got into the groove of it as the song went on.


Judge’s Scores:

  • JYP 94
  • YG 97
  • YHY 94


Last but not least is Jung Seung Hwan who sings 들극화 “제발”. Once again it’s a song I’m not familiar with but it’s a powerful rock ballad. I think Jung Seung Hwan found the genre he needs to be in. This performance is on par to his Kim Jo Han’s performance in my opinion. While Lee Jin Ah’s performance had an impact on JYP, Jung Seung Hwan’s led YG to revisit his past. He really belted his heart out. Beautiful.

Judge’s Scores:

  • JYP 94
  • YG 98
  • YHY 97

We got two special stages. Katie Kim and Lily M. covered Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass”. Lee Jin Ah and Jung Seung Hwan covered a Brown Eyed Soul’s song. After about 20 minutes of talking, we finally get the results and we say goodbye to our adorable Lily M.


Like I said before, performance wise, this has to be one of my favorite episodes because everyone was so good and so different. I just wish SBS would upload the performances like they used to *ehem*. Anyways, I’m still sticking with Katie Kim and Jung Seung Hwan for the final.

Let me know what were some of your favorite moments in the episode!

Thanks for reading, Q.


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