GIFS GALORE: EXO’s “Sing For You”

“Will EXO ever have a happy christmas?” – YouTube comment.

That is a very valid point that this YouTube commenter brought up. Haha, anyways, I love the song and the music video was too pretty to pass up GIF-ing.


Like Baekhyun, sit back and enjoy this GIFS Galore adventure of prettiness




The way you cry, the way you smile, how much it means to me.


I’m saying I want to be embraced.


But today by all means, I want to say this word so just listen

kai-super-hero kai-crushed kai-being-fancy

I will confess, it may be a little awkward but just listen I’Il sing for you.

stop-hurting-my-kai stop-hurting-kai-part-2 come-back

Just listen I’Il sing for you.


I hope you guys enjoyed that. I was supposed to do a K-Pop Star 5 post/recap, but I’ve decided to combine episodes 3 and 4 together. Next week’s post will be a little more lengthy than usual.

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Thanks, Q.

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